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Lottie Loves Nature: Bee-Ware

Jane Clarke, James Brown

Lottie Loves Nature: Bee-Ware


  • Animal Tales - bundles of fur, fluff and fun

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4 out 5

53 reviews



Lottie loved nature and had lots of creatures in her garden. One day she realised that her neighbour was playing golf, but he had fake grass in his garden. She looked in his garden and there wasn’t any creatures in his garden. She told him. I would recommend this book.

ScarlettWalker 11.09.2023


Loved all of it

Anonymous 29.07.2023


It teaches how to take care of nature. i like it because it is like standing out for nature it is telling people that nature is important and therefore it is at risk. Maybe someday this book will change peoples thinking about nature.

Anonymous 24.07.2023


I like the science behind bees and explanations are simple

Senorita Beany Humdinger 10.07.2023


It was a good book about always being nice to nature

Queen Birthday-cake Teabag 03.07.2023


It was interesting and amazing. I like Lottie.

Nurse Jet Heronimus 04.04.2023


I like Lottie. I recommend this book

Princess Amazonia Mystery 12.09.2022


This is a fiction book. I liked that there was a bee that was a bit tired, so Lottie got a weight and put sugared water on the weight using a spoon which the bee drank and became better.

Prince Bruno Volcano 18.08.2022


It was really really good. Because you learnt lots about nature.

Lady Sunny Quarantine 03.08.2022


I loved it so much.

Don Bart Partridge 03.08.2022


I liked it because it tells you a lot of facts about nature and I love nature. I’d recommend it to people who like lots of pictures on their chapter book. There’s lots of pages that have facts which I thought was really good.

Dame Blueberry Taramasalata 01.08.2022


I am glad she is thoughtful about nature.

Anonymous 19.07.2022


This was a good story but wasn’t my favourite. Lottie loves nature and encourages other children to love it too. Adults fear of bees becomes a risk of killing them. Lottie puts a stop to this.

Empress Daffodil Sausage-Roll 09.09.2021


I didn't really enjoy the book but it was nice

Anonymous 04.09.2021


I have designed the bug hotel and butterfly feeder, good activity.

Marshal Tulip Pendragon 03.09.2021


I have completed the activities and liked the Bug hotel

Professor Sandwich Pumpernickel 03.09.2021


I loved this book!!! Honestly,this book was the best book beacause i love nature and lottie helped nature which is amazing!!! If this book was fiction i would like Lottie best beacause nature was in danger so when she helped the bees, the bees would help her after!! If it was factual i would like it beacause I would be getting knowledge about bees'!!!! I would highly reccomend this book to someone else!

Anonymous 31.08.2021


I ll recommend this book to a friend who like naturę.th8s book is inspire kids to planting

Mademoiselle Nectarine Partridge 31.08.2021



Ambassador Leach Slingshot 31.08.2021


My favourite character was Lottie because she wanted to do the best she could to help nature. I love this book as it is wonderful story on the things you can do to help wildlife. I would certainly recommend this book since it is a fun story on the marvels of nature.

Anonymous 22.08.2021

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