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High-Rise Mystery

Sharma Jackson, Amanda Shodeko

High-Rise Mystery


Average rating

4 out 5

69 reviews

Summer in London is hot, the hottest on record, and there’s been a murder in THE TRI: the high-rise home to resident know-it-alls, Nik and Norva. Who better to solve the case? Armed with curiosity, home-turf knowledge and unlimited time – until the end of the summer holidays anyway… Nik and Norva will put their super-sleuthing skills to the test.



it was amazing

Anonymous 07.10.2021


good read!!

Corporal Adolpho Bluebird 06.09.2021


I love this book because it has everything- mystery, murder, action and excitement. I love it! My fave character is probably Norva, because of how funny she was, but I also really lked

Empress Kangaroo Hedgehog 26.08.2021


Very good mystery murder.

Don Hercules Piccalilli 18.08.2021


Very fun and engaging. The characters and the way they are described. Plot twist and investigation of characters was amazing and greatly planned out! Love it! Would recommend

Princess Jewel Pennyfarthing 07.08.2021


It was a great book. There were lots of clues spread throughout the book and I was always guessing who was the criminal. I enjoyed this book very much and would definitely recommend it to other people.

Principal Babs Bertrand 26.07.2021


This book is amazing every one should read it

Sergeant Jiminy O’Doughnut 26.07.2021


I like how they solved the mystery

Princess Aspidistra Spinner 23.07.2021


epic u should definitely read

Director Cynthia Moonbeam 21.07.2021


My favourite characters were Nik and Norva, they were my favorite because they taught me no matter the age you can achieve greatness.

Inspector Pablo Buffalo 16.07.2021


I loved this book! I like Norva the best because she's silly and fun to read. I would definitely recommend this book.

Professor Pirate Hedgehog 02.03.2021


I liked the detective children because they sorted everything out. My least favourite character was Serena Knightly-Webb because she killed her brother. I would recommend this book to everyone in the world.

Master Catapult Rubber-duck 28.01.2021


Rating: 4 and a half. I liked this book because I liked the way it was written with short sentences and bits of personality. The characters were likeable, with Nora a being loud and Nik being timid and a bit shy. I’m glad it was written from Nik point of view because you can capture Norvas personality. The mystery was good and liked the way they tried to figure it out. Would recommend to mystery lovin readers.

Senorita Candyfloss Costa-Rica 21.01.2021


Amazing mystery and thrill in this book!

General Aphrodite Armchair 16.01.2021


I love the mystery this book is very interesting

Inspector Catapult Volcano 12.01.2021


it was very interesting and suspensful

Anonymous 12.01.2021


the book is full of twist and turns. Its about 2 girls trying to find out who murdered there friend Hugo Knightley Webb

Anonymous 05.01.2021


This is my favourite book because it is all about crime and I really like crime books. I would recommend this book to a person that likes crime books

Judge Hopscotch Unicycle 01.01.2021


This is a book set in the modern-day and if you like Robin Stevens, I can guarantee that you will love this book!

Countess Tuesday Waterfall 02.12.2020


I would recommend this book. My favourite character is George.

Viscount Chester Pendragon 01.12.2020