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Omar, The Bees And Me

Helen Mortimer, Katie Cottle

Omar, The Bees And Me


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43 reviews

When Omar brings in some honey cake that reminds him of his beekeeping grandpa, it gives his teacher an idea to make the town more bee friendly with bee corridors. Omar and Maisie discover a shared family passion as their friendship blossoms alongside the flowers.



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King Pirate Pudding-Basin 03.07.2024


Loved learning about bees

Doctor Gargoyle Sunshine 14.08.2023


I liked the movie

Inspector Chesney Pendragon 14.08.2023


So interesting.

Anonymous 12.08.2023


This book was a little bit hard to read,

Captain Bruno Legend 08.08.2023


This book is about a little girl, named Maisie and her new friend, Omar. They both learned at school about bees and why is important to take care of bees. They make honey and without them we will never know what is the taste of honey. This book is not fiction and everything looks real in it. I would definitely recommend this book to my colleagues Because is very important to know the life of bees.

Anonymous 31.07.2023


I liked the honey cake recipe and learning about how important bees are to us. We should all plant more flowers for the bees.

Constable Quincy Jellybaby 30.07.2023


This book was extraordinary!!!!I would definitely recommend it for everyone on the planet.

Baroness Boadicea Hoverboard 22.07.2023



Empress Hopscotch Bucket 20.07.2023


Grandad was so lucky because he had a bee house in his garden.

Lieutenant River Sunshine 15.01.2023


Amassing because I love nature and sometimes bees. Sometimes I get a little scared of them but this book has helped me to not be afraid!

Doctor Angel Aardvark 08.01.2023


THis story was lovely, Maisie made frineds with Omar and they shared bee stories in their families. Omar was from far away, but his grandad was a bee keeper and his mum made yummy honey cake. Maisie's grandad was a bee keeper too and he put honey in jars, then Omar's mum made a cake for the class to share. The class gave out lots of seed to the neighbours and made a 'be corridor' from their school to the park, it worked!! There were lots of flowers in the spring time. It was a good story because the bees were helped and the children made friends and they enjoyed sharing things that both of their families did.

Doctor Rapunzel Archer 10.09.2022


This was a lovely story. Can’t wait to try making some honey cake!

Corporal Chester Quest 31.08.2022


Omar and meisie try to save bees by planting plants in the neighbourhood. And they became good friends. I liked the honey cake Omar brought for show and tell and I want to try making it with my mum and Gian.

Anonymous 27.07.2022


I like the way the flowers are painted in the book and I had a go at Katie Cottle's video showing how to have a go at painting them like her. My painting turned out really well! I liked that the children were in Year 1 like me and I love the bees! Bees are really important to us and nature :)

Baroness Bubbles Paddington 15.01.2022


Very good.

Coach Merlin Porridge-Oats 31.08.2021


The girl was being nice to her friend Omar who shared a honey with him. It teaches us to be friendly and kind to your friends.

King Rapper Rubber-duck 30.08.2021


I really like to help the bees in my garden too. From Mommy- I love the subject of this book but I also love the inclusivity and representation throughout. Such a great book.

Fairy Morgana Flattery 24.08.2021


Love it!! If you want an inclusive story that suggests helping pollinators for your little ones-this is the one!

Mademoiselle Lacey Mouse 22.08.2021


Honey cake The world friendly

Major Leach Spaghetti-Hoops 17.08.2021