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The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens

Isabel Roxas, Isabel Roxas

The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens


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4 out 5

17 reviews

When oddballs Agnes, Roberta and Ruby discover a mutual passion for synchronised swimming, the trio form Team Pom. But between snack time, their favourite TV show and raising pigeons, it can be hard to find time to practice. Tired of their last place, loser status, a crew of self-proclaimed weirdos start their own synchronised swimming club. But on their way to gain the respect and free snacks they deserve, they stumble upon a lonely giant squid in their local pool. Will he be the secret weapon they need to propel them into synchronised swimming super stardom? Or will they end up with ink on their faces? Who are the villainous strangers in bowler hats? And, most importantly, what's for lunch? The first in this series and a debut comic book from award-winning Filipino illustrator Isabel Roxas, Squid Happens is a hilarious read that explores friendship, teamwork and what it means to be yourself.



What happend was that roberta and the team pom was really upset that tgey were last place in the swimming competion so they wanted to find more time to pracrise so they couldnt be last place again

Professor Letizia Teabag 21.01.2024


Lovely I wish there were more books like this

Anonymous 01.09.2023


Nice book

Commander Pirate Bouncy-castle 20.08.2023


the part when they meet the squid was my favourite bit

King Dragon Palm-tree 09.08.2023


This is the first graphic novel I've read and I liked it. It's a funny story. The characters set up their own swimming club. They find a giant squid in a pool and they help him get back to the ocean.

Duchess Ursula Moonlight 26.07.2023


The book is alright. I would like it if the book was slightly longer. My favourite character was Cyd the squid because he is cute, funny and innocent.

Captain Honeycomb Bluebird 26.07.2023


great comic

Captain Heroica Heronimus 26.07.2023


I love their adventures!

Princess Amazonia Banana 22.07.2023


it is good

King Tyler Bottlenose 18.07.2023



Princess Angel Squirrel 17.07.2023


It was good It was really interesting I liked Agnes ( character)

Anonymous 14.07.2023



Princess Pinky Fink 08.07.2023


its an alright book i dont have anything to say about it ...

Chief Portobello Pinkerton 06.07.2023


It is fun and interesting

Anonymous 16.06.2023


I really liked it because there was a giant squid and it was really really funny. It turned out that some really good swimmers were actually really old because… you’ll have to read it and find out!

Judge Dragon Mystery 08.08.2022

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