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The Creature Keeper

Damaris Young

The Creature Keeper


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Average rating

4 out 5

33 reviews

Creepy Direspire Hall sits glowering on the moors – and if you stray too close then beware the growls and scary sounds from within… When animal lover Cora learns that Direspire’s mysterious owner is looking for a new Creature Keeper, she realises this might just be the chance she’s looking for to save her parents’ farm. But Direspire Hall is a spooky place and the strange creatures who live there are nothing like Cora is expecting. As Cora settles into her new life, it soon becomes clear that Direspire has its secrets, and that somebody will do whatever it takes to keep them…



It was really good but I didn’t read it all because it was a bit too scary

Director Peaches Frozen-Peas 09.08.2023


One of the the best books I’ve read so far in the summer reading challenge 2023!

Fairy Agnetha Pipistrel 31.07.2023


it was ok

Anonymous 20.06.2023


I loved this book I would definitely recommend it

Anonymous 22.07.2022


It's got lots of good description in it.

Superintendent Pug Archer 07.10.2021


I loved it it was amazing and an edge of your seat book

Baroness Honeycomb Mouse 05.09.2021


This book was very good. When Cora's father is sent a letter from the owner of a creepy mansion she wants to try out for the job offered, after all, the owner had offered a generous wage. She has to take the job her family could use a bit more money. Walking past the mansion one day, she meets a boy who offers to show her inside the mansion revealing wild, magical creatures hidden inside its walls... I recommend it to 7 to 13 year old children.

Princess Pixie Washington 02.09.2021


This book was amazing and I loved hearing all about the different animals that there was there.

Dame Diamond Bluebird 02.09.2021


Very good

Dame Rose Heronimus 01.09.2021


I really like the book because of all of the creepy stuff and how it is discribed it gives me goose bumps down my back.l really like coral because she is a animal lover and l just think she has a really good role and a good heart.the thing that interests me is that she isn't scared and still ceeps on going :).l recommend it a lot to people who like scary things and spooky things and l think it is a really good book but l rate it 4/5 because l feel like there was a bit to much discribing words in it so it sounded a bit to much but apart from that l really injoyed the book and liked reading it

Lady Birthday-cake Anteater 31.08.2021


A fiction tale based on a young girl who dares to venture outside to adhere to the promise of being the creature keeper

Marshal Boadicea Costa-Rica 30.08.2021


It was such an amazing story but the words were very complicated and I had to ask my mum what some of the words meant. I think I will read it again next year and see if I enjoy it more.

Duchess Candyfloss Piccalilli 30.08.2021


I would recommend this book to someone else. It is a great story about various creatures that are not in our world.

Sir River Rollercoaster 29.08.2021


I thought this book was really good. I loved all the chapters in it. It was a little bit sad at the end but over all I think this is a really good book.And I love how courageous and brave Cora is . This one of my favourite books I’ve ever read.

Principal Fifi Sunshine 22.08.2021


An exciting page-turner about a girl who can mimic extraordinary animals calls I would recommend this to people whole like Friendship and adventure based stories.

Anonymous 09.08.2021



Coach Merlin Porridge-Oats 08.08.2021


It was good & nice.

Coach Merlin Porridge-Oats 07.08.2021


I love it

Queen Bunny Pudding-Basin 06.08.2021


I absoloutley loved this book! It was very mythical and a very fun book to read! I would recommend this book for age 8 or 9. My favourite character was Fern the Pangea as she was lovely and calm.

Coach Agnetha Bumblebee 06.08.2021


I thought the book was extraordinary, because of the animals in it and the magical characteristics. I liked Cora the most because she decided to help Maisie the sheepdog and then helped all the creatures. It made me think about creatures being in captivity- if you were a creature, would you like being in a cage? I would recommend this book.

Princess Aspidistra Bookmark 05.08.2021