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An Engineer Like Me

Dr Shini Somara, Nadja Sarell

An Engineer Like Me


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

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5 out 5

41 reviews

Discover how planes stay up in the air and roller coasters do loop-the-loops in this brilliant picture book designed to unlock a love of engineering - written by engineer and TV presenter Dr Shini Somara.



I am interested to this book because you can learn how things work.I recommend it.It's good

Anonymous 05.09.2021


i diddent really like it

Superintendent Pluto Birdbath 04.09.2021


Liked the different inventions invented by the engineers specially how the radio has been invented.

Marshal Tulip Pendragon 03.09.2021


I liked the fact that the engineers have invented and their invention has been used today in modern world

Professor Sandwich Pumpernickel 03.09.2021


I liked finding our about engineering and construction.

General Cello Hedgehog 31.08.2021


it's ok i would recommend it thow

Empress Bunny Bottlenose 27.08.2021


I liked this as it is about science which I love! I liked reading about Leonardo Da Vinci because I recognised him from another book I have read.

Superintendent Tyler Pineapple 26.08.2021


This book was OK, but it didn’t explain everything. I would recommend this book to people who want to know what an engineer is.

Doctor Slip Gormenghast 23.08.2021


What a great book to teach our girls about science and engineering.

Mademoiselle Lacey Mouse 22.08.2021


This is the best book ever !

Queen Bijou Buffalo 21.08.2021


This was really good because her granny told her how lots of things are made and how they work. It was really interesting and I learned a lot. I think I’d like to make things when I’m a big girl.

Viscountess Cupcake Bobble-hat 21.08.2021


I loved this book its very interesting and I've learnt a lot about engineers

Baron Bruno Frankfurter 18.08.2021


It is good

Lord Leach Sparrow 18.08.2021


This was really interesting and I liked learning all the different things an engineer can do.

Coach Slide Rollerskate 17.08.2021


I enjoyed learning about engineers.

Ambassador Crocodile Pendragon 17.08.2021


I liked to learn about engineering because I like building stuff.

Marshal Sketch Armadillo 15.08.2021


It was so good and interesting .

Superintendent Merlin Slingshot 09.08.2021


This book is fabulous. Now I know about radio waves and skycrapers.

Senor Bruno Paperclip 09.08.2021


Good small book

Nurse Ursula Scratchings 05.08.2021


It was a factual book. I like the part about plains most.

Captain Arthur Submarine 05.08.2021