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The Whale Who Wanted More

Rachel Bright, Jim Field

The Whale Who Wanted More


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4 out 5

44 reviews

Under glittering waves of a vast ocean blue, a beautiful world is hidden from view. And there, in the cool and the quiet of the deep, a great, gentle giant was stirring from sleep . . . Humphrey the whale is on a quest: to find the one perfect object that will make him feel complete. He roams far and wide, gathering endless undersea treasure as he goes. Yet, no matter how many goodies he accumulates, Humphrey still doesn’t feel content. Could it be friendship, not possessions, that will really make Humphrey’s heart sing?



Excellent book. Really enjoyed it.

Inspector Banana Jellybaby 17.09.2021


Excellent book!

Inspector Llama Bobble-hat 17.09.2021


I think this book shows about an whale that wants more of things all the time.

Coach Majorca Menace 10.09.2021


Had this for my birthday, liked this book

Lord Portobello Elephant 06.09.2021


I like this book very much because it reminds me of my holidays in Ireland. I read this book in a bookshop in Kilkenny. I would recommend to my classmates because I like whales.

Princess Sunny Pineapple 05.09.2021


This was a really tricky book to read but it was very interesting.

Professor Petunia Toothpaste 02.09.2021


It is a story about friendship with a happy ending and that it is better to share with people than keeping things to yourself. I liked the whale the best. it got me thinking about how it is good to act towards other people. I would recommend it to someone else.

Mademoiselle Fifi Peanut-butter 02.09.2021


Lovely story about sharing instead of buying more and more

Major Horatio Armadillo 01.09.2021


It shows that you shouldt be greedy

Coach Dobbin Frankenstein 31.08.2021


A lovely story about the value of friendship and experiences over material things.

Professor Pansy Bojangles 31.08.2021


This book was read to me as a night time story with me reading some words.

Marshal Agnetha Spaceship 29.08.2021


Very good

Lord Leach Arlington 22.08.2021


This book was ok but not as interesting as I thought it was going to be.

Lady Venus Bubble-wrap 21.08.2021


This book is a great bedtime read and was great moral story just like humans always wanting more.

King Augustus Slingshot 20.08.2021


we love this author. it was nice to see the whale make friends and be happy. he didnt need al those things.

Nurse Pinky Pudding-Basin 20.08.2021


i like it all

Prince Cornetto Pineapple 18.08.2021


I liked this story. It is about a whale who learned a lesson, that he didn’t need to take lots of things because he already had what he needed to be happy.

Empress Harmonica Sudoku 16.08.2021


I didn’t like when the crab shouted to him. I liked the whale the best.

Master Aardvark Windchime 14.08.2021


I Loved this story. Such a nice story with a great meaning behind it.

Doctor Sketch Starlight 10.08.2021


There were some difficult words. That is why I only gave it 4 stars. But I did like the story and it told us that you don’t need lots and lots of stuff to feel filled up and whole because we all just need so little to have enough. The pictures were great.

Coach Daisy O’Doughnut 10.08.2021