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Jabari Tries

Gaia Cornwall, Gaia Cornwall

Jabari Tries


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Jabari is inventing a machine that will fly all the way across the yard! But making it go from CRASH to WHOOSH will take grit, patience, and maybe even a little help from his sister.



I borrowed this book. It was so good I want to buy. Everyone would like this story. It made me think of me. Hehe

Principal Peaches Endeavour 07.09.2023


I really liked the teamwork that the brother and sister showed together. I liked it when they were trying together to make the plane fly.

Countess Ariel Toothpaste 04.09.2023

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


It's good when we work as team.

Coach Fandango Taramasalata 30.07.2023


I like this book because he was trying his best at building flying machines. He tried so many times but it didn't work so he got so mad but he kept trying. He put so much effort and the final time he finally did it. It was so good. Jabari took a deep breath when he was stressed. He also listened to his father when he encourage him to receive help from his sister.

Anonymous 05.09.2022


I liked the story. I thought it was good the way he kept trying to make his invention work and had his little sister help him. I would tell my friends this book is a nice story to read.

King Peanuts Bouncy-castle 02.08.2022


I like how he built the ramps. I liked all the characters. I liked how it kept on crashing, he got cross and wanted to cry. Then he held his little sisters hand. His little sister squeezed his hand and they tried again and they did it!! I would tell my friends to read this book.

Mademoiselle Lacey Jellybaby 02.08.2022


I like Jabari best. Yes I would recommend this

Superintendent Leach Jellybaby 26.07.2022


It was good. Srida learned a good lesson of partnership and and to not stop trying.

Anonymous 26.08.2021


My little brother really enjoyed this. I learnt there’s fun in helping each other out and never giving up. I definitely recommend it as I have a little brother and I learnt it’s sometimes better to work with a partner

Senorita Fifi Piano-key 19.02.2021


I liked this book a lot. I was a little bit sad because Jabari wanted to cry when he was sad. I liked Jabari the most, and then his dad. I would recommend this book to others because it was fun.

Anonymous 14.01.2021


Super bad and worst!

Viscount Hercules Costa-Rica 13.01.2021


It tells me child can make an airplane. I like one girl because she was fanny. I recommend it to Japan's people to learn English.

Sir Zizou Dangerous 04.01.2021


I think why did Jabari fly an airplane. I like to fly airplane because I like airplane. I was recommend it to Jabari because Jabari was serious.

Don Chesney Skateboard 04.01.2021


The book is about a boy named Jabari not giving up into doing something he really enjoys and eventually does. My favourite character is Jabari because he doesn’t give up.This book inspired me because it encourages me not to give up. Yes I would recommend this book.

Anonymous 30.12.2020


I think is the about jabari build an excellent ramp but it keeps on smashing and crashing. Jabari's sister Nika keep annoying him when he tries to focus on building his craft. Jabari got frustrated. Then his dad came and told him what he should do when he get frustrated. I like jabari's dad because he help him.

Sir Merlin Costa-Rica 23.12.2020


It's nice book and I like Nika . She is so cute .

Anonymous 22.12.2020


Good Book

Anonymous 20.12.2020


Jabari is making a machine.

Anonymous 12.12.2020


It is a nice book

Fairy Hopscotch Sunshine 09.12.2020


I like the thinking they do to make the flying machine very much Nika is my favourite, she is so cute Yes, I recommend

Senorita Diamond Haystack 04.12.2020