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National Trust: Look What I Found in the Woods

Moira Butterfield, Jesus Verona

National Trust: Look What I Found in the Woods


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4 out 5

33 reviews

Follow me. I know the way. We’re walking through the woods today. Look what I found! A curly stick to wave like a magic wand. Set off on an outdoor adventure to find natural treasure, from prickly pine cones to swirly snail’s shells, then learn more about the found object with irresistibly illustrated and informative nature notes.



Beautiful book

Esquire Gator Tyrannosaurus 25.07.2023


I found it interesting and liked finding the different nature things

Dame Jewel Armadillo 20.07.2023


I like the things I see around like bugs, acorns and squirrels.

Empress Birthday-cake Waterfall 04.09.2022


Very interesting

Superintendent Slide Sunshine 04.08.2022


Very interesting this book. I learned a lot about nature in the woods Recommended for everyone.

Queen Esmerelda Hammersmith 30.07.2022


I like it because it's all about nature. I got to learn about different bushes and trees and although things in the woods.

Empress Fifi Hedgehog 25.07.2022


I t was good The boy I would recommend it to someone else.

Don Raccoon Snivel 13.09.2021


This is a brilliant book. I loved sharing it with my sister. We learnt more about things we can find outside when on a nature walk. I really like this book.

Empress Daffodil Sausage-Roll 09.09.2021


Excellent book. Lots of snails pictures and content. Really enjoyed book.

Lady Phoenix Cuckoo-Clock 05.09.2021


Really interesting book.all about things u can See in the Wood from trees to clouds

Mademoiselle Nectarine Partridge 31.08.2021


They found lots of beautiful nature and they used some to make crafts. I am excited to visit the woods again.

Principal Magnolia Menace 30.08.2021


I learned lots in this book!

Principal Bunny Archway 26.08.2021


It is non fiction as we have lots of information regarding the woods.

Anonymous 25.08.2021


It’s about adventure to find natural treasures in the woods

Major Horatio Armadillo 23.08.2021


A very interesting book about the woods and lots of other different things.

Anonymous 15.08.2021


We loved it! took it to the country park with us and had lots of fun.

Coach Diamond Spinner 14.08.2021


I liked looking for the different things and talking about each of them

Master Ice-T Bouncy-castle 13.08.2021


i really liked it because it had lots of things you can spot and gives you lots of information. i learnt what a beech seed looks like and i liked spotting all the different creatures, i really liked looking at the beetles.

Constable Cornetto Gravy 12.08.2021


i liked finding out about what all the animals eat and all the different things in the woods, i liked reading the questions and pointing out the pictures. the pictures was very beautiful and i liked the skeleton leaf.

Inspector Pug Eragon 12.08.2021


I thought this book is amazing! Because it showed us we can find amazing things in the woods like snail shells, nuts, leaves, feathers, pine cones & creatures. I like this book because I liked going to the woods.

Fairy Bunny Luther 11.08.2021