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Football Superstars: Sterling Rules

Simon Mugford, Dan Green

Football Superstars: Sterling Rules


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

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5 out 5

18 reviews

Filled with quizzes, stats and little known facts, plus illustrated and told with all the fun of a Tom Gates novel, the Football Superstars series is perfect for young readers five and up. Is Raheem Sterling your ultimate football hero? He played his first Premier League match in 2015 and in just four years has scored 116 goals and made 114 assists in 388 games for club and country. Discover the rags-to-riches story of a young boy who loved playing football, even in the rain, and how he followed his passion to become one of the most lethal forwards in world football. Football Superstars is a series aimed at building a love of reading from a young age, with fun cartoons, inspirational stories, a simple narrative style and a cast of characters chipping in with quotes, jokes and comments. Find your football hero: Ronaldo Rules - out Jan 9th. Messi Rules - out Jan 9th. Kane Rules - out Apr 2nd. Mbappé Rules - out Apr 2nd. Hazard Rules - out Jun 11th. Sterling Rules - out Jun 11th.



I didn't like this book, I loved it! I like football so I knew I would like this book.

Sir Flash Sausage-Roll 11.12.2023


I wanted some facts about football. recommended to Oliver Boyd.

Anonymous 14.09.2023


I liked this book because it is a incredible fact book,and he was actually born in 1994 and I actually didn't know that!

Princess Jet Sparrow 04.08.2023


Great book gives lots off detail in it.

Ringmaster Rapper Cuckoo-Clock 01.08.2023


It's a good book.

Chief Geronimo Sausage-Roll 25.07.2023


I enjoyed the book.

Ambassador Horatio Custard 14.07.2023


Great book!

Captain Cornetto Aardvark 21.06.2023


It was factual and i really enjoyed it because I learned about lots of skills and how he became a better footballer. I would recommend it.

Chief Cornelius Custard 08.08.2022


Really interesting!!

Lord Slip Washington 07.08.2022


This book has some brilliant football facts. There are lots of different books like this about different footballers, like Ronaldo and Messi.

Inspector Peanuts Hungry-Hippo 02.08.2022


I am still reading this book so far I am really enjoying

King Jiminy Toothpaste 30.07.2022


Amazing Book!

Captain Virgil Mouse 01.07.2022



Captain Muscles Bouncy-castle 31.12.2021



Coach Natty Vegas 31.12.2021


Another great book from the set. Sterling is one of my favourite players as he plays for my favourite team, Man City. It gives lots of facts and information about him.

Master Sketch Bumblebee 07.09.2021


6-10 ages?

Baron Neptune Foxtail 02.09.2020


This is a great book about sterling’s life. Make sure you read it if you like footie

Countess Honeycomb Costa-Rica 21.07.2020


Great book. All about Sterling. Read if you like footie

Esquire Hank Sausage-Roll 21.07.2020

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