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Stella and the Seagull

Georgina Stevens, Izzy Burton

Stella and the Seagull


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49 reviews

Spurred into action when her seagull friend gets poorly from eating plastic, young Stella is soon on a campaign for change. A beach clean up and plastic straw ban sparks her whole community into action and soon Stella is making a big impact. And it's not long before the little seagull and all its animal friends can live in a better environment.



This book was really good, it was nice that Stella took the seagull to the vets and then got everyone to help to pick up all the plastic on the beach as we always see lots of plastic on the beach. I liked how they made a play park out of recycled plastic

Fairy Venus Sparrow 16.02.2024

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer



Superintendent Pirate Bottlenose 28.12.2023


I really liked this book and I even made a poster to spread the message to stop using plastic.

Mademoiselle Fandango Wheeliebin 29.08.2023


really good book

Marshal Kangaroo Squirrel 16.08.2023


I liked how Stella helped the little seagull.

Nurse Fenella Sequins 16.08.2023


Really good book with an important message in the use of plastic.

Anonymous 06.08.2023


A little girl and her granny helped a seagull and took it to the vets - i liked it because it was about looking after our beaches and the creatures that live there.

Princess Wanda Remmington 28.07.2023


Pick up litter and do the world some good

Officer Iguana Godzilla 28.07.2023


Encourages people to clean up the beach

Baron Catapult Sheep-Dip 12.07.2023


I loved this story, it was great to see them clearing up beach rubbish which is so important to keep our seas clean. I would recommend this to anyone - a great book.

Anonymous 17.09.2022


Lots of facts. I was happy the seagull was better.

Lady Rapunzel Rubber-duck 16.09.2022


I like it because it's about protecting the sea.

Captain Gargoyle Wheeliebin 30.08.2022


I liked the seagull

Ambassador Chip Washington 05.08.2022


I thought it was sad that the seagull got hurt and that people didn’t look after the beach but Stella did a nice thing helping all the creatures to live by cleaning the beach.

Oracle Panda Astronomical 04.08.2022


Message conveying story.

Senor Arthur Hungry-Hippo 28.07.2022


It’s all about keeping the beach clean. And keeping the environment clean.

Anonymous 26.07.2022


I liked it because there was a little seagull in it but the sad thing is the seagull got ill from eating a bottle top. That’s why we need to use less plastic because if we don’t the whole planet will be covered in garbage.

Baroness Iggy Washington 28.09.2021


Stella found the seagull.

Doctor Jiminy Tyrannosaurus 06.09.2021


Fiction book with a lot of expressions about a girl called Stella and her granny who are kind and helpful people

Director Rapunzel Bobble-hat 01.09.2021


This was a really nice book. It really helped me understand about the environment and how important it is to keep the beaches clean to keep the animals safe.

Professor Gator Teabag 01.09.2021