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Amber Undercover

Em Norry

Amber Undercover


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I'm Amber Roberts. Just your average teenager. Life revolves around school and my best mate, Vi. Nothing too dramatic, and certainly nothing dangerous. Well. That's how things used to be. But now, my life is way more complicated: Mum and Dad have a massive secret and Vi's being all moody. But, bigger than that, I've just been recruited as a secret agent! That's right. Me. An actual spy. Exciting? It would be, if I had a clue what I was doing . . .




Director Birthday-cake Pudding-Basin 28.05.2023


I thought this book was amazing it gave me a lot of thrill and excitement when amber went on her adventures. I liked amber the best .it interested me because I love mysteries and thus mystery was unique than any other book I have read.i would recommend this book to my f4iends because it was very exciting

Duchess Kiki Eragon 06.12.2022


I really liked this book and it was great to read about Amber being a real life spy.

Dona Tulip Pendragon 28.08.2022


I LOVED this book. I find it action-packed and exciting. It was shocking when I found out that Professor Ellery wasn't part of the Agency and the part where she took out a gun was unexpected. The scenery and story plot reminded me of Alex Rider. Like I said, it was action-packed. Like, hackers, bombs, combat ...! It is full of action. If there is a part 2 of this book, I suppose I would be the first one to read it. This book is one of a kind. I would and wouldn't recommend it because it has a few swear words in the book as it is from a perspective of a 14-year- old, but overall, it is one of a kind.

Fairy Mistral Partridge 15.08.2022


Spy's are cool

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 04.08.2022

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