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Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bytes

Sophie Deen

Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bytes


  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills
  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

Average rating

4 out 5

10 reviews



This is a thrilling book filled to the brim with excitement. As Asha becomes a secret agent for the CSA, she finds out that her Role Model has been lying to the world about what she does! When the entire country loses the internet, what happens when all signs point to an unidentified kind of shark biting undersea cables. My favorite character was probably Tumble because he is so funny and cute!

Empress Viper Archer 26.06.2023


Well done Asha

Anonymous 04.11.2022


It was a good book There was a lot of colour and movement It is fiction the person I like the best is asha No it is not factual it got me at the good part I will recommend it to someone

Queen Fandango Pumpernickel 10.08.2022


I was bit bored in places of this book. I thought there would be more facts written to this fiction book.

Anonymous 03.08.2022


They really have to fix the thing that broke before it gets worse

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 01.08.2022


This was a rather easy book , which I will recommend to someone around year 4. It is about a secret agent Asha. Good book for anyone who likes detective books.

Mademoiselle Fifi Sofa 22.07.2022


It was a good book but not enough to get me super excited.

Anonymous 22.07.2022


I would recommend it if you like adventure and spies. There is morse code at the beginning of every chapter and I found it fun working them out. I found the story exciting and funny. My favourite character was Asha's robotic hamster she made herself.

Officer Aphrodite Mittens 22.07.2022


Rearlly fun

Doctor Magnolia Squirrel 19.07.2022


It immensely hooked me to the where i could not put it down !also i like Amanda the best because she is hilarious !it is not factual but fiction .yes

Duchess Amazonia Frankenstein 19.07.2022

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