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Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories

Kate Pankhurst, Kate Pankhurst

Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories


  • History Time - blasts from the past
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

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As a child Mae Jemison imagined herself reaching for the stars and that's exactly what she did: she became the first African-American woman to go into space. When Elizabeth Blackwell was told women weren't allowed to be doctors, she didn't take no for an answer. Tu Youyou spent months on a remote island during the Vietnam War to try and invent a treatment for malaria - and she did it. Including comic strips, family trees, maps and more, Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories is a celebration of women who made some of the world's most important scientific breakthroughs.



This is one of my favourite books ever. And Kate Pankhurst is my favourite author. Her books tell me loads of interesting facts about women who changed the world. And it inspires me a lot!

Queen June Desperado 12.07.2024


I liked learning about Dr Blackwell

Princess Orchid Colly-Wobbles 03.09.2023


I liked this book because it was really interesting and it made me aware of female scientists and what they did. A very inspiring book.

General Heroica Skateboard 01.09.2023


Not my favourite book but it is interesting to hear their amazing stories. But I personally thought it was a bit repetitive and sadly I didn't really enjoy it.

Professor Diamond Shortbread 31.07.2023


I loved all the cool facts and mum hardly knew any of the people in the book

Nurse Pinky Rubber-duck 22.07.2023


I love this book, it's a beautiful book, telling you about women who changed the world because they believe in themselves. Prepare to be inspired! Recommended for 8+. Highly recommended.

Mademoiselle Honeycomb Bookmark 21.02.2023


I liked it was about some amazing women. It was my favourite and learning about Elizabeth Blackwell who is a doctor that studied a lot.

General Mildred Frankenstein 04.09.2022


Very good.

Princess Angora Hungry-Hippo 02.09.2022


I like the book because it inspires people And I recommend everyone to read this book

Lady Beany Starlight 27.08.2022


I liked it ,it was an inspirational story about women who changed the world even though people doubted them and helped me think of ways to help society.👍

Queen Birthday-cake Gormenghast 28.07.2022


This was quite a good book that I would recommend if you fantasy a book to just to learn a few facts from. I fond this book relatively intresting and verry easy to read. The auther of this book (Kate Panhurst) has also done loads of other books about fantastic about grate wimin who have made history which I found verry enjoyable aswell.

Dame Gloriana Turkey 24.07.2022


I really enjoyed this book and went to the theatre to see the stage version. It had good songs and inspirational stories

Nurse Gloriana Piano-key 18.07.2022


This book was so inspirational! I loved how it was laid out and how the illustrations made it a fun and engaging book to read. The stories of these women scientists was amazing and really intriguing. It really shows that women can do anything men can do! Girl Power! I would definitely recommend.

Queen Honeycomb Pinkerton 27.12.2021


I loved it my favourite woman was Elizabeth Blackwell I even went to meet Kate Pankhurst when the book was out

Princess Letizia Vegas 26.12.2021



Captain Birthday-cake Sequins 11.09.2021


I love this book it is so intresting so much that I read it 100 times but the problem is that it dosn't have all lot of people

Duchess Pinky Banana 07.09.2021


I love these history books. They are all about famous women and I like learning about history and reading their stories and achievements is interesting and fun.

Princess Heroica Vampire 06.09.2021


This book teaches about life and skills. It is an interesting book and I realised that women were not treated equally earlier years and should be treated with respect. They can grow their careers in any field including science. Very inspiring book and would recommend especially girls to read.

Senorita Cilla Mittens 01.09.2021


it is a very interesting book

Director Agnetha Chipperfield 01.09.2021


It taught me I can do whatever I like

Doctor Babs Heronimus 01.09.2021