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Inventors: Incredible stories of the world's most ingenious inventions

Robert Winston, Jessamy Hawke

Inventors: Incredible stories of the world's most ingenious inventions


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4 out 5

19 reviews




Senor Chester Chocolate-mousse 16.08.2023


very good and entertaining

Anonymous 17.09.2022


I really enjoyed this book as I love learning about history and inspirational people. My favourite person I read about in this book was Leonardo Da Vinci as I love art and thought his flying machine design was brilliant. I also liked reading about John Harrington and Thomas Crapper who were inventors of the first toilets. I would definitely recommend this book.

Princess Honeycomb Astronomical 04.09.2022


I found this book really fascinating i found out so much about different inventors.

Marshal Dragon Jamboree 01.09.2022


This is a non-fiction book. I love this book because I learned more about the scientists and their ground-breaking inventions. I would’ve recommended it to other people but it contains not real facts. They had written Al Jazari came from turkey although he actually came from Baghdad Iraq.

Corporal Cornelius Pumpernickel 01.09.2022


liked learning about : doctors

Viscountess Cupcake Submarine 25.08.2022


I really loved this book because the book tells us all the stuff that people invented.

General Pluto Astronomical 19.08.2022


I love this book! It is about modern inventors who are still alive and inventors from a long time ago. It is very informative and interesting, explaining the inventions very well. The graphics are great too. Furthermore, my parents also love this book.

Officer Tulip Washington 18.08.2022


It was quite long I had to get a bit of help with some words. It was very interesting, I learnt about lots of different people making things to help people.

Commander Pongo Fascination 14.08.2022



Countess Tuesday Toothpaste 10.08.2022


Inventions are great

Count Viktor Bookmark 04.08.2022


Inventors is not my favourite book, but this would probably be because non-fiction isn’t my favourite either. It has lot’s of information about amazing people and awesome facts. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves science, building, facts, and ultimately, inventing.

Anonymous 03.08.2022


They really make moving toys

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 01.08.2022


It was really inspiering

Mademoiselle Aspidistra Fink 28.07.2022


It interested me because I can learn many things about INVENTORS. I would recommend it to everyone.

Captain Peanuts Bobble-hat 24.07.2022


I found out about inventors that ain't famous but still important.

Judge Race-car Jellybaby 15.07.2022


It's amazing. I found out about inventors that are not so famous but equally important.

Ringmaster River Chocolate-mousse 05.07.2022


it was nice i liked it

Anonymous 29.06.2022


i love it soo much

Princess Kiki Godzilla 26.06.2022

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