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Wonders of the Night Sky: Astronomy starts with just looking up

Professor Raman Prinja, Jan Bielecki

Wonders of the Night Sky: Astronomy starts with just looking up


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Inviting all who dare to wonder - come navigate the spectacular treasures of the night sky with bestselling and award-winning Professor Raman Prinja's inspiring look into our galaxy and beyond, published in association with Royal Observatory Greenwich. Encourage your kids to reach for the stars with this inspiring exploration of the night sky. Anyone with a view of the sky and a curious mind can be the next great Universe explorer! Wonders of the Night Sky invites children all over the world to look up - just as curious people before them have done for millennia - and to know why each wonder appears before their eyes. This beautiful book connects readers to the many parts of our Universe visible to the naked eye against the sky, explodes them on the page, then provides inspiring connections to the science behind the stellar backdrop. Professor Raman Prinja is the multi-award-winning Head of Department for Physics and Astronomy at University College London and a celebrated children's author. Professor Prinja pens this definitive look at the wonders above us, following on from the enormous success of his book Planetarium. Illustrator Jan Bielecki's striking depiction of each natural marvel will draw in readers to a lifetime of astronomical wonder. Astronomy starts with just looking up! If you like this, you'll also love the follow-up book, The Future of the Universe. Take what you've learned about the Universe and rocket trillions of years ahead in time to find out some amazing changes to come...



Loved learning about stars

Master Pluto Casserole 18.02.2024


Like OMG -l love astronomy books for kids because l love admiring the illustrations of the stars, galaxies ,asteroids etc& l love reading the facts - even though I already know the facts. Soo it’s:AMAZING. I really recommend it.

Anonymous 25.01.2024

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


I loved learning how the stars are made. This book is beautiful.

Principal Ursula Glitterball 04.08.2023



Anonymous 13.09.2022


Discover space!

Marshal Leach Sunshine 16.08.2022


Lots of fun facts about the moon & solar system

Senorita Angora Bungalow 15.08.2022


I borrowed this book from the library because I love space. I have learnt lots of days from this book which I hope will help me next term at school as space is our topic.

Director Lacey Elephant 09.08.2022


This book is amazing

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 03.08.2022


Great book, lots of information

Queen Bubbles Custard 29.07.2022


I would recommend it to someone else my favourite part of it was the life cycle of stars

Dona Diamond Spaceship 29.07.2022


I liked finding out about stars.I kept reading it over and over again!

Professor Trigger Teabag 10.07.2022


A good book

Anonymous 26.06.2022

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