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Invisible Nature: A Secret World Beyond our Senses

Catherine Barr, Anne Wilson

Invisible Nature: A Secret World Beyond our Senses


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

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4 out 5

13 reviews

Explore the hidden forces of sight, sound, touch and smell that lie beyond human senses but which animals use in amazing ways



its a non-fiction book. this book is very interesting as it tells us about invisible waves around us.

Nurse Sunny Foxtail 30.11.2023


Really interested and enjoyed reading it

Professor Jiminy Peanut-butter 08.08.2023


It was a factual book đź“– as part of the reading sparks boxes from my local library. I love scince and finding out new facts. I found out some new facts from this book.

Marshal Hank Spaceship 24.07.2023


It is a factual book.This book is about the invisible wonders of our world is engaging, informative and attractively presented. Each chapter covers a different topic, including microwaves, ultraviolet light, infrared light, electromagnetism, ultrasound, infrasound and scent. The properties of these unseen phenomena are explained, along with some examples of how they occur in nature, and ways in which humans use them. We discover that butterflies have ultraviolet spots on their wings to send signals to attract mates; hammerhead sharks use sensors in their head to pick up electromagnetic signals from the movement of their prey; and infrasound waves enable elephants to find other herds, warn of predators and attract mates, as well as helping geologists to predict when volcanoes may erupt and enabling conservationists to track migration. I recommend this book.

Marshal Cornelius Unicycle 13.09.2022


I read this in two goes as it had a lot of information

Earl Flash Fink 02.09.2022


Very interesting.

Princess Esmerelda Possum 31.08.2022


I like it because it teaches you things and stuffs that you don’t see, but it is very useful and important to us. I would recommend it to anyone.

General Bunny Snivel 25.08.2022


This is about things that we can not sense. Here are some facts: 1. Doorbells use electromagnetism to make noise. 2. Toasters use infrared to cook bread. 3. Duck-billed platypuses are the only land animal who have an electromagnetic sensor. 4. Bats use ultrasound so that they don't bash into things. 5. The Greater Wax Moth can hear higher-pitched sounds than any other animal on earth. 6. Orcas and sperm whales use ultrasound to find prey.

Principal Ursula Menace 21.08.2022

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


This book has got some great facts and some lovely pictures to help you understand the facts. I enjoyed this.

Queen Sapphire Piccalilli 19.08.2022

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


I liked the colours and rainbows and the animals were interesting, especially the platypus.

Nurse July Dangerous 10.08.2022


I really want to change my eye colour

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 08.08.2022


I loved this book because it was informative and interesting. I would mostly recommend it to other people because this book is mostly amazing, but it had facts about dogs in which I did not like because I do not like dogs.

Master River Ketchup 06.08.2022


This book is non fiction. This book is about cosmic waves , mysterious forces and things you cant hear or see. My favourite fact from the books is about infrared, you can use infrared to make toast or by pressing the tv remote to change channels. Also geologists use infrasound to work out when volcanoes might erupt. I do like this book because it tells us about different rays and i like learning about science.

Baroness Pixie Gravy 02.08.2022

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