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The Thornthwaite Inheritance

Gareth P. Jones

The Thornthwaite Inheritance


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4 out 5

31 reviews

A gothic novel featuring twins with a deadly rivalry, mysterious deaths, a fortune to be inherited and any amount of dodgy dealings



I really liked this book! I'd be best friends with Lorelei and Ovid!

Countess Majorca Bacon-slicer 19.10.2023

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


This book was amazing, the characters personality traits really express how some people feel when they have lost their parents and live in a dangerous environment, not allowed to even leave their own house. There was such a plot twist towards the end and this book has really broadened my horizons. I will definetly be reading more books by Gareth P. Jones.

Anonymous 11.09.2022


The perfect adventure story with just the right balance of humour , creepiness and emotion(but not too mushy)

Dame Aspidistra Armadillo 11.09.2021


I thought this was a great book filled with action and mystery this tale was fiction and my favorite character was Mr Crutcher because at first i thought he was a nice man who was just looking after them but then it turns out him to be evil and he was quite good and hiding his true identity. I would recommend this to someone who like mystery tales.

Fairy Lacey Quagmire 22.08.2021


I really enjoyed this book: I really liked the storyline, and though I found it quite funny to begin with, I was still really interested and found it tense at the end. The only reason why I'm not giving it 5 stars is because I personally had to wait a bit before I was fully interested, but still amazing! I would definitely recommend this book!

Anonymous 01.09.2020


I didn’t expect the ending

Captain June Bluebird 24.08.2020


I love this book. it is full of mystery and intruige I am a huge fan of murder mystery

Mademoiselle Esmerelda Bookmark 11.08.2020


I thought it was good. I was surprised at the ending, and although i read loads of mysteries it came as a surprise. My favourite character was either Lorelli or Ovid Thornthwaite. Lorelli because we botgh like reading and are quite similar in a couple of ways. Ovid because I think that he is quite funny because he's so sarcastic. It interested me because I like mysteries, murder, theft, anything will do. I would recommend it to people who like mysteries

Inspector Mandrake Shortbread 10.08.2020


This book was really good and worth every penny.

Princess Beany Mystery 26.06.2020


Apart from the super cool last name (coincidental), this story kept me hooked all the way through. In fact, I've read it about 30 times! It's a great whodunit about two young orphans, the Thornthwaite twins, who seem to have a desire to kill each other. However, it is not all as it seems. Will they find out who is really plotting to kill them, before the time runs out....? You'll have to read it to find out.

Anonymous 27.08.2018


Great murder mystery really gets you hooked with cliff hangers and new murders

Anonymous 07.09.2017


The Thornthwaite Inheritance is a very funny book and seems like a long book but if your into it can be read quite quickly. Small chapters help and writing easy to read.

Anonymous 07.08.2017


I RECCOMEND THIS BOOK because its funny dark mysterious and makes you want to read on.

Anonymous 10.07.2017


A tale of envy between siblings. What length would you go to to get that all important inheritance. But the plot does become confusing after a while it's a guessing game of who's dead or who's alive. Also having the underlying who murdered who spectacle throughout the tale. The ending will surprise? you bears and killers bees that all i'll say.

Anonymous 26.08.2016


This book is where the twins - Ovid and Lorelli - try to kill each other! I like this brilliant book because it has murder, mystery and menace. The mystery is entwined with murder and menacing characters and that is why I love this.

Anonymous 10.07.2016


don't judge this book by the cover. theres so many twists in the story. the back of it says literally nothing. spoiler alert Adem does not die. danit i spoiled it out.

Anonymous 17.05.2015


I love this book

Anonymous 11.09.2014


Absalutley hilarius, horrid funnyish murders and a few frightening truths!

Anonymous 24.06.2014


Every one has to read this book because it's filled with excitement. This book is a mystery type of story and I definitely recommend this book! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous 24.06.2014


a murderous tale of sibling rivalry!although rather complicated!...

Anonymous 24.06.2014

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