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Cast Away: Poems for Our Time

Naomi Shihab Nye

Cast Away: Poems for Our Time


  • Poetry - rhyme, rhythm and rap
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

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4 out 5

9 reviews

“Nye at her engaging, insightful best.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Acclaimed poet and Young People’s Poet Laureate Naomi Shihab Nye shines a spotlight on the things we cast away, from plastic water bottles to those less fortunate, in this collection of more than eighty original and never-before-published poems. A deeply moving, sometimes funny, and always provocative poetry collection for all ages.  “How much have you thrown away in your lifetime already? Do you ever think about it? Where does this plethora of leavings come from? How long does it take you, even one little you, to fill the can by your desk?” ?Naomi Shihab Nye National Book Award Finalist, Young People’s Poet Laureate, and devoted trash-picker-upper Naomi Shihab Nye explores these questions and more in this original collection of poetry that features more than eighty new poems. “I couldn’t save the world, but I could pick up trash,” she says in her introduction to this stunning volume. With poems about food wrappers, lost mittens, plastic straws, refugee children, trashy talk, the environment, connection, community, responsibility to the planet, politics, immigration, time, junk mail, trash collectors, garbage trucks, all that we carry and all that we discard, this is a rich, engaging, moving, and sometimes humorous collection for readers ages twelve to adult. Includes ideas for writing, recycling, and reclaiming, and an index.



I gave it a 3 out of 5 because it was kind of sad, and I don't really like poems that are sad or creepy. I think I would recommend it to those who like sad or creepy poems.

Judge Aspidistra Buffalo 20.07.2024


Nice poetry

Queen Nectarine Lanzarote 08.01.2022


These poems were sweet and nice poems I love them

Princess Phoenix Fink 07.10.2021


It is factual the rythymes interested me. I would recommended it to people who like poetry.

Doctor Petunia Biscuits 28.08.2021


Enjoyed short Poems

Nurse Angel Scratchings 10.08.2021


The peoms are beautiful it is both serious and funny. Lovely book.

Empress Flossy Tyrannosaurus 09.08.2021


I would only recomend it to someone else who likes pomes of our time

Anonymous 08.08.2021


This book was not intersting

Marshal Tulip Borchester-Smythe 06.08.2021



Professor July Bonsai 02.08.2021