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The Lost Homework

Richard O'Neill, Kirsti Beautyman

The Lost Homework


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In this new addition to our 'Travellers' Tales' series, Sonny devotes his weekend to helping his neighbours and fellow Travellers with a variety of tasks. He uses many skills, from telling a story at a wedding, to restoring a caravan. In fact, the only thing he doesn't do over the weekend is his homework - his workbook is missing!



This story says about Sonny missing is school homework notebook after his busy family weekend. Worried about getting in trouble at school, he confesses to the teacher about his lost notebook. It really shows the honesty of a child. Yes, I really recommend this book to my friends.

Senorita Kiki Partridge 02.07.2024

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


Once upon a time there once was this family that was going to France and when they got on the ferry the mum said why don’t we go to the cafe the mum got ever one a hot chocolate when the kids finished drinking the boy saw the ferry but small and he whanted it and the dad told the girl to get him it and she went to she got it for him and when she got it she was lost she ask a member of the ship and she asked her if she could take her to the cafe and she did and she saw her parents the end fiction.

Marshal Itchy Nuggets 31.08.2023


It was kinda long but very funny

Senorita Daisy Spaceship 17.08.2023


I love this book so much!

Anonymous 11.08.2023


It was a nice book I would tell my friends about it

Captain Cabbage Rollercoaster 08.08.2023


There’s a boy who had a busy weekend and didn’t get time to do his homework. On Monday his mum gave him a note to give to his teacher but turns out that she worked out that the boy did all of the other subjects on his busy weekend except from his homework. I’d reccomend it to someone else.

King Chilli Pineapple 28.07.2023



Madam Phoenix Bobble-hat 30.06.2023


We learn lots of things from life

Commander Sandwich Biscuits 11.02.2023


i really like the story

King Leach Jamboree 19.12.2022


i feel so sorry for that boy

Captain Sunny Windchime 08.12.2022


Liked it!

Earl River Tyrannosaurus 17.09.2022


It was a fiction book. Sonny lives on a Traveller community site with his family and he’s super excited because this weekend they’re going to a family wedding. There’s so much to prepare: the horse needs to be shoed, everyone has to get their outfits ready and the cart has to be cleaned because the bride and groom will ride in it! Sonny is kept so busy by the preparations and the wedding itself that he doesn’t realise until too late that he’s lost his homework book. Disaster! Yet when he goes to school and tells everyone about the weekend, his kind teacher points out that he’s done plenty of learning in the course of his weekend: planning the route and calculating the journey time, performing on stage, sewing and painting and all manner of other things.Who'd have thought all this homestuff would've been school stuff too? I recommend this book.

Marshal Cornelius Unicycle 13.09.2022


I liked it very much

Baron Pirate Hungry-Hippo 12.09.2022


Nice story

Viscountess Honeycomb Vegas 07.09.2022


Made me happy

Anonymous 06.09.2022


I loved reading this book

Marshal Tulip Pendragon 02.09.2022


ti is ok but was not my type

King Switch Fink 02.09.2022


i liked this book because everyone was kind but i did not like it when sonny lostv his homework.

Major Wombat Bouncy-castle 02.09.2022


It was awesome reading this book. I enjoyed it.

Professor Sandwich Pumpernickel 01.09.2022


Spoiler alert...the homework book was never found!

Earl Adolpho Starlight 01.09.2022

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