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The Lost Homework

Richard O'Neill, Kirsti Beautyman

The Lost Homework


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4 out 5

38 reviews

In this new addition to our 'Travellers' Tales' series, Sonny devotes his weekend to helping his neighbours and fellow Travellers with a variety of tasks. He uses many skills, from telling a story at a wedding, to restoring a caravan. In fact, the only thing he doesn't do over the weekend is his homework - his workbook is missing!



sad and disapointing

Anonymous 11.08.2022


I rate this 2 because he never found his homework. That was sad.

King Sandwich Sherbet 11.08.2022


It is fun, it teaches you quite a lot of fun things. I like Sonny the best, because he was funny when it was the end. I probably would recommend it.

General Bunny Snivel 11.08.2022


The book tells me that if you lose your homework you can right a letter

Anonymous 10.08.2022



Countess Tuesday Toothpaste 10.08.2022


The boy was sad because he lost his homework. It was not very good and a bit boring because it was too normal and I didn’t really understand the point of the book

Baroness Blossom Gooseberry 09.08.2022


Teacher was so kind.

Princess Blossom Quest 06.08.2022


I like the book It was fiction Yes I would recommend it to my friends

Anonymous 04.08.2022


Very interesting story book about Sonny. The boy who live an a Traveller site. He has a busy weekend where he lost his homework and for this reason he was very sad bud his teacher let him to explain for the whole class his busy weekend where it turned out that he did even more than was asked for his homework. Happy ending book.

Chief Octopus Gooseberry 03.08.2022


It interested me when he read a story at a wedding. I like Sonny the best. It reminds me of a cartoon called motown magic.

Professor Rose Quarantine 02.08.2022


Very nice story.

General Pudsey Costa-Rica 02.08.2022


Fabulous book

Princess Angel Squirrel 01.08.2022


It was very interesting and nice I enjoyed it

Marshal Viktor Gormenghast 01.08.2022


I read this book at school it was really good. I would recommend it.

Anonymous 01.08.2022


It was good but it is a bit boring and boring

Lady Letizia Bacon-slicer 31.07.2022


It is a fictional book but it has the things we do every day .

Anonymous 29.07.2022


I liked Sonny the boy and he had a dog and I liked the dog.

Princess Peaches Manatee 29.07.2022


I liked the book. What struck me the most was how the main character enthusiastically performed the exercises, which later turned out to be homework that got lost.

Ambassador Pug Sequins 28.07.2022


I thought this book was very good. I liked learning about the shoes for the horse.

Master Sketch Squirrel 27.07.2022


I lose my homework too

Anonymous 26.07.2022