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Flember: The Secret Book

Jamie Smart

Flember: The Secret Book


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5 out 5

52 reviews

A mysterious island. A strange and mystical power called FLEMBER. A boy-inventor called Dev, who uncovers a long forgotten secret And a GIANT, RED ROBOT BEAR?! The sleepy village of Eden is about to descend into HILARIOUS chaos - can disastrous Dev save his brand new best friend? Find out in this fully illustrated mad-cap adventure.



Not action-packed and not at all like Bunny vs Monkey. it takes forever to read and it's not really good, so I didn't use my time to finish it because it was pretty bad.

Anonymous 02.03.2024

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


Really funny

Professor Aardvark Ketchup 22.12.2023


My favourite character in this book was Boja the bear. Boja was up to very mischievous things. He would eat waffles. It was a fantastic book that had loads of mysterious things with Santoro and Dev.

Senor Burp Tinkle 06.09.2023


sick bro!

Doctor Pixie Quagmire 26.08.2023


I really liked the book because it was funny and I would recommend it.

Dona Fenella Racoon 18.07.2023


This is a great book and I would recommend it to someone else. My favourite character was boja bear.

Master Binky Bubble-wrap 17.07.2023


I really liked this book because it’s about a little boy with a talent for inventing things but they all seem to go wrong. He tries to prove himself by inventing a giant bear that will help protect their village. The bear accidentally sucked all the life out of the village and they must restore it before it’s too late!

Don Chip Desperado 24.08.2022


funny but also a good story

Anonymous 23.08.2022


this book was awesome

Chief Mandrake Chocolate-mousse 23.08.2022


I liked mina the best.i don't know who I would recommend it to

Fairy Blueberry Racoon 12.08.2022


This is a very random book, i mean we needed a carrot so we could catch a goat, so that we cioyuld get the goat to make something work! I tried explaining it to my mum, she said her brain hurt!"

King Carnaby Wheeliebin 11.08.2022


Its very exiting and interesting to read I was glued to it.

Director Venus Sherbet 31.07.2022


This book was very exciting and funny. I liked it

Doctor Carnaby Gooseberry 24.07.2022


I thought this book was really funny and exciting. It is about an inventor called Dev who invents a giant red bear called Boja Bear who sucks the Flember (the essence of life) out of everything! Dev has to convince him to give some of it back. My favourite character was Boja Bear because he's really funny! I would recommend it to people who like Bunny Vs Monkey because it's by the same author (Jamie Smart).

Don Chilli Owl 18.01.2022


I liked the book

Count Chilli Custard 06.01.2022


I liked because it was funny.

Anonymous 01.01.2022


This book is quite funny but it doesn’t suite me

Dame June Chocolate-mousse 13.08.2021


It was about sharing.

Judge Bruno Quest 27.07.2021


This book was funny and I can't wait to read the next one!

Dona July Peninsula 03.02.2021


I really liked this book, it was funny, and dev is a really smart character! I would recomend this book for a laugh, and maybe even a scare at some points.

Pilot Majorca Aardvark 26.11.2020

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