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Turns Out I'm An Alien

Lou Treleaven, James Lancett


  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery

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5 out 5


Turns out I like the book

Anonymous 12.09.2019

It was a really funny and exciting book full of mysteries, clues and also funny jokes , humour and the story line was funny. Since i am a funny person and i enjoyed this book i would recommend this book for people who want to have a good laugh and break from all the boring factual books that are out there is this wide world. Its about aliens, fun and can teach you all about space. Here's one thing i learnt. If you have green hair and you live on earth you are king or prince of a galaxy up in space. Happy reading everyone!

Nurse Babs Bungalow 12.08.2019

Very gripping

Master Catapult Mouse 07.08.2019

It was fiction, I liked Jasper

Baroness Harmonica Cuckoo-Clock 29.07.2019

I liked this book. It's a bout an 11 year old, like me, who finds out they are an alien and his parents were trying to keep it a secret.

Earl Pongo Bobble-hat 12.07.2019

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