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The Girls

Jenny Løvlie, Lauren Ace

The Girls


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61 reviews

""A simple but gorgeous picture book about four little girls who play in an apple tree and the women they grow into. Clear, direct and warm, it's a celebration of kindness and scraped knees, illustrated with charm by Jenny Løvlie."" THE GUARDIAN Four little girls meet under an apple tree and form a bond that grows as they share secrets, dreams, worries and schemes. This beautifully illustrated tale charts the girls' lives through ups and downs and laughter and tears. Find out how their friendship flourishes as the years pass by and the girls become women.



Great read.

Doctor Amazonia Heronimus 13.02.2024


this was my favourite part was when they said "whatever the future might bring, if ever one of the women felt lost, they always knew were friendship could be found.

Madam Boadicea Yo-yo 21.12.2023


My favourite character from this book is Sasha because she helps Lottie when lottie fell and cut her self and I like looking out for others

Duchess Magnolia Rubber-duck 19.12.2023


A lovely book all about how different people can be

Doctor Tulip Spaghetti-Hoops 05.09.2023


I loved this book and enjoyed seeing what the girls grew up to be and what jobs they did.

Dame Peaches Sofa 22.08.2023


The book was fictional. The story was fantastic and interesting. The girls are unique.

Lady Peaches Bluebird 17.08.2023


I love the friendship with the girls.

Queen Pinky Volcano 07.08.2023


I liked the girls

Senorita Petronella Owl 07.08.2023


I love the girls. They grew up together and didn’t forget each other. They were always best friends

Anonymous 03.08.2023


Interesting and it tells you how friends can get along sometimes.

Dame Rapunzel Owl 02.08.2023


This book taught me about friendship and how it is important to forgive your friends. My favourite part was when they grew up and still were friends and learned new things, had new experiences and fell in love.

Baroness Lacey Quarantine 23.07.2023


It's a book about friendship and I like that.

Countess Pinky Costa-Rica 23.07.2023


I think this is a good book, I liked the part when the girls grew up and were still friends. I would recommend this book to my friends

Empress Petunia Chocolate-mousse 15.07.2023


I liked Lottie because she found the tree. I recommend

Director Sloth Volcano 13.07.2023


Book about friends

Empress Birthday-cake Waterfall 04.09.2022


I enjoyed this book because it was about a group of friends who argued sometimes but always found a way to forgive each other.

Coach Daisy Bouncy-castle 31.08.2022


Lovely read.

Duchess Diamond Nuggets 25.08.2022


Good book

Mademoiselle Gloriana Pudding-Basin 23.08.2022


I like how they are all friends.

Anonymous 22.08.2022


Alice and Lottie are my favourite, this book is one of my favourites and I love reading it to my 4 year old sister

Principal Fifi Paddington 08.08.2022