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King Coo: The Curse of the Mummy's Gold

Adam Stower

King Coo: The Curse of the Mummy's Gold


  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills

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5 out 5

36 reviews

Ben Pole is back at school and back in trouble! A band of burglars and an ancient mystical curse have him in a terrifying tangle. Who will save the day? Will they catch the Midnight Mob? Will Ben survive breakfast? He needs a genius. He needs a fearless bearded girl. He needs KING COO!



The book was a real page turner in every chapter for anyone who love adventure books

Fairy Kangaroo Sequins 16.12.2023


This book has a hilarious storyline and there are lots of cool inventions in it.

Corporal Catapult Pinkerton 05.09.2023

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


This book is a funny imaginative book def recommend!

Queen Mildred Legend 03.09.2023


A band of burglars and an ancient mystical curse have him in a terrifying tangle.

Doctor Octopus Bucket 28.07.2023


I liked Ben the best I don't know if I would recommend it

Inspector Snoopy Aardvark 26.07.2023


Shocking disguises with interesting looking people and amazing illustrations

Corporal Pablo Teabag 08.07.2023


I would recommend this book because it was good.

Commander Neptune Bubble-wrap 02.09.2022


This book is fiction. My favourite character in this book is King Coo. King Coo is a bearded girl who lives in the woods with her pet, Hebert. She is my favourite character because she is brave and she is always active with something to do. Also, King Coo always believes in herself which makes her achieve anything she would like to do. I would recommend this book beacause it has questions to answer and mysteries to solve. It also has weird but funny characters like King Coo.

Empress Petunia Bluebird 11.07.2022


I love it

Baroness Esmerelda Costa-Rica 14.12.2021


I like the story as it was very exiting and funny and had different points of views. Deffinitely recommend to enyone who likes adventure.

Anonymous 24.08.2021


this book is about coo and ben pole discover the treasure of the mummy gold in the museum

Professor Rose Menace 12.08.2021


very interesting

Anonymous 06.08.2021


Very funny and exciting. I really like King Coo's tree house and her pet wombat.

Judge Quincy Casserole 06.08.2021


This book had alot of funny humour and I realy enjoyed reading its. I would recommned this book to other people who enjoy reading funny books.

Captain Virgil Peninsula 06.09.2020


It is very funny and can hook you in

Sir Bruno Piano-key 05.09.2020


There was a boy who had a best friend who lived in a treehouse in a very scary wood. One day when he was at school a teacher from a new school came in (he was actually a robber). They made the boy tell his mum he was a security guard at the museum as something had been stolen. His Mum booked them to the museum and he found the robbers hide out and he was forced to be on their side. His friend who lived in the tree house was friends with the Mummy and rescued him. I didn’t enjoy the book that much because I felt it was missing something.

Count Aardvark Birdbath 01.09.2020


I think this book is marvellous. It's about a boy and his friend called Coo who stop a gang of thieves from stealing treasure. Coo because she is a weird girl who makes traps and inventions. Yes I would recommend to someone else.

Lady Bernice Squirrel 30.08.2020


I loved this book! It is full of crazy, fun inventions that King Coo makes to scare robbers in the night! The illustrations are really good and they help you to picture the scenes in the book. The author has used good choice of words so readers can really imagine what is happening. My favourite character is King Coo because of her inventiveness and excellent plans! I would recommend it to 8 - 10 year olds. It is a good book!

Director Jewel Mystery 30.08.2020


I liked the foreshadowing and the need to reread back in the book. The plot was a bit predictable but I enjoyed reading it

Sergeant Pongo Taramasalata 27.08.2020


Not vas good as the first in the series, but still well worth reading!

Anonymous 24.08.2020

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