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Lesser Spotted Animals 2

Martin Brown

Lesser Spotted Animals 2


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

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6 reviews

Bored with the usual suspects? Got a thirst for more nifty nature knowledge and a love of the unknown underdog? Then Lesser Spotted Animals 2 is the book for you! Discover more brilliant beasts you never knew you needed to know about from the altai argali to the yellow-throated marten and everything in between. From the illustrator of the mega-selling Horrible Histories comes a brand new series about all the animals you've never seen.



It was amazing learning about the animals I and never would have without this book.

Doctor Panther Colly-Wobbles 20.08.2022


It was factual and I thought it was amazing my brother loved the monkey with a Mohican

Queen Daffodil Possum 18.07.2021


I loved this book as much as the first one. So interesting and funny.

Doctor Aphrodite Foxtail 31.08.2020


Lots of fun animal information

Ambassador Zizou Hoverboard 29.08.2020


This was an interesting book of animals I have and haven’t heard of, my favourite is the blanville beaked whale ! It surprised me to know how many were not going to be left in the world because of them being hunted. I would recommend this book, the pictures are good, it’s easy to read & all the animals are worth a google, just to see just how cute they are !

Sir Bart Supermarket 21.07.2020


I love learning about new animals so this is a great book for me my, favourite animal in the book is the ring-tailed cat I would advise this to anyone who likes Horrible Histories and animals because it is a little bit like Horrible Histories and it's all about animals.

Doctor Harmonica Chocolate-mousse 29.06.2020

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