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Two Sides

Polly Ho-Yen, Binny Talib


  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

Average rating

4 out 5

Lula is a Dog Person and Lenka is a Cat Person; Lula is super messy and Lenka is totally tidy; Lula likes talking and Lenka likes watching - but together they make the perfect pair. Until The Day that Everything Goes Wrong and they are no longer friends. Despite feeling lonely, neither is prepared to listen or forgive. Will it be this way forever?


Two Sides is a wonderful story where the best friends over comes some problems. It was just fun. I like Lula & Lenka both It interested me that how they become friends I would recommend it to everyone.

Mademoiselle Magnolia Moonbeam 05.01.2020

Nice book

Anonymous 25.12.2019

It is a fiction book. The characters Luna and Lenka are great friends but totally opposite. I think whoever has experienced this kind of friendship would love to read it and find out what happened between the two best friends.

Viscountess Bernice Bonsai 18.12.2019

Luna and Lenka were my favourite characters. Both wrre best friends. I liked it because it told me about how their friendship is. Even though they had a fight, they made up and remained best friends. I will recommend this to my best friend.

Fairy Sunny Stegosaurus 23.11.2019

I liked Lula. The book has colourful illustrations. The idea of using different colour fonts for Lula and Lenka was nice

Captain Amazonia Volcano 11.11.2019

Yes, lovely story.

Mademoiselle Aphrodite Custard 25.08.2019

It’s about two besties who have fallen out for the first time in their lives.Their names are Lula and Lenka. The main bit was when Lula forgot to give Lenka something back. I would recommend for ages 6-7.

General Jewel Shortbread 21.08.2019

This book is good because it is like me and my friends are all like different things like gymnastics and singing but we are still best friends!

Principal Aphrodite Postage-Stamp 15.08.2019

i like that Lenka is like me and Lula is like my friend.

Captain Bunny Spinner 06.08.2019

So good it just shows friends can be very different and it is true that friends fall out I mean I fall out not to often but often in a way and sometimes you make up the next day or after a few days

Dona Phoenix Bobble-hat 03.08.2019

It had quite a lot of arguments in it. It was a good story.

Mademoiselle Sapphire Taramasalata 30.07.2019


Anonymous 20.07.2019

Yes it is a really good book about friendship

Fairy Panther Bojangles 13.07.2019

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