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The Boy from Mars

Simon James, Simon James,

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4 out 5

The day that Stanley’s mum had to go away to, he decided to go to Mars. In his place, a not-very-well-behaved Martian arrived. He looked just like Stanley, but he wouldn’t eat his vegetables, he wouldn’t clean his teeth and he certainly didn’t play nicely in the playground. Dad's not sure what Mum will think when she gets back. Will the martian still be there, or will the real Stanley get back in time?


I liked it because he did not eat his vegetables

General Cupcake Snivel 06.08.2019

We got this book from local library. He enjoyed the story as he love everything about space. He found common interest with boy in the story.

Count Virgil Bubble-wrap 13.07.2019

I really liked the book because Mummy did a funny voice for the martian

Anonymous 27.07.2018

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