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The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet

Martin Howard, Chris Mould


  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills

Average rating

4 out 5

Alfie Fleet is off on an adventure beyond his wildest dreams. From Brains-in-Jars World to the planet of Outlandish, nowhere is too big, too small, or too bizarre to make its way into the Cosmic Atlas. But although Alfie loves to explore, he still needs to be home before his mum gets in from work, otherwise there will be BIG trouble!


A great book!! I liked Alfie the best because he is kind and courageous. This book is all about the adventures he has with Professor Bowell-Mouvemont who is a member of the unusual cartography club.They visit many weird places like the brains in jars world and Outlandish.

Empress Bernice Sausage-Roll 28.10.2019

The author and illustrator of the book MUST'VE used their imagination a lot!

King Dragon Bubble-wrap 17.08.2019

I liked the "brain in jars world"

Judge June Banana 14.08.2019

I would reccomend this action-packed fantasy story for all ages and especially people who love stories to do with the universe and far away worlds. Throughout the thirty chapters, you will meet Alfie Fleet (the hero of the story), Hunter-Of-The-Vicious-Spiny-Dereko-Beast (AKA Derek), Professor Pewsley Bowell-Mouvemount (the crazy professor is the leader of the Unusual Cartography Club), Sir Brenda of Verminium (Outlandish's greatest hero), Prince Hoodwink (he's extremely annoying and a real prince, now a supermodel) and, Gerald Teethcrusher (the Unusual Travel Agency's cheif restaurant critic and the guide to the latest fashions in leather pants). Travel with The Circle of the Circle (the Professor, Alfie, Derek and, Sir Brenda) across Outlandish to complete the long, dangerous quest of finding a Stone Circle to travel through and return to planet Earth. But, what will the daring foursome discover at the burning city of Verminium? Also, never go to Thank Goodness It's Beachcrushers because, it is a falling down shack and doesn't offer any hospitality throughout the chain of Gerald Teethcrusher's 'hotels' and your bed is garaunteed to be full of crabs. I would also advise you, not to go to Thank Goodness It's Bottomcrusher's because it was so atrocious I can't describe it (this is also another 'hotel' in Gerald's collection). And, last but very much least, The Dead Crow is not a child friendly place and an anti-grownup zone never come here you are garaunteed to get fleas or have your hed ripped off (the origanal of Gerald's chain of 'hotels').

Principal Beany Mittens 09.08.2019

I enjoy fantasy,but not too much fantasy,which is why this was the book for me.I highly recommend it to those who love/like teleporting and other worlds.11 out of 10.I liked Derek (female.Don't ask!) the best because she is kind but threatening everyone

Marshal Arthur Jumpsuit 23.07.2019

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