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Me and My Alien Friend: Cosmic Poems about Friendship

Ed Boxall, Ed Boxall,


  • Poetry - rhyme, rhythm and rap

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4 out 5

Me and My Alien Friend is Ed Boxall’s first full-length collection of children’s poetry. The book is full of all sorts of friends: best friends, changing friends, absent friends, animal friends, imaginary friends and even a friend who’s a ‘Thing on a Springy String’. In the poems, friends adventure together: discovering, exploring and sharing life’s happy hills and lonely dark hollows. The ‘Alien Friend’ poem returns like a chorus throughout the book: a boy sits on the moon with his 38-toed alien friend, looking at our world from a peaceful distance, observing, thinking, dreaming. Throughout the poems and drawings friendship is gently celebrated as a universal experience that can cross every divide.


I enjoyed this book because the poems were about friendship. I really like reading poems and enjoy writing poems too. My favourite poem in the book was umbrella.

Anonymous 23.08.2019

I thought this book was very funny and I loved it.My favourite person was the alien because he made me laugh. I also loved the little boy because he made the alien laugh. I loved this book!

Marshal Bernice Elephant 31.07.2019

I recommend this book to children.

Don Octopus Racoon 26.07.2019

really cool opens about space and friends

Anonymous 23.07.2019

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