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We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen, Helen Oxenbury

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4 out 5

*"Find your local library.":http://bit.ly/2CShOJr* *"Buy this book from hive.co.uk":http://tinyurl.com/y5d8l2ze to support The Reading Agency and local bookshops at no additional cost to you.*  Follow and join in the family's excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest.


I love this book.

Anonymous 06.04.2019

I love reading this book and we recreate the bear hunt at nursery

Judge Diamond Bluebird 17.12.2018

My favourite

King Trigger Piano-key 19.09.2018

I love to read this and sing this over and over again

Fairy Agnetha Biscuits 07.09.2018

Brilliant read, i can read this over and over it is so much fun and exciting .

Lady Daisy Mystery 18.08.2018

Love it!

Professor Portobello Nuggets 09.08.2018

I like how the bear didn’t find them

King Horatio Borchester-Smythe 01.08.2018


Doctor River Sherbet 31.07.2018

I like the end

Anonymous 29.07.2018

i think it's a great children's book about a family going on a bear hunt. they go on a wild adventure just to catch a bear...

Doctor Octopus Teacup 23.07.2018

This is my favourite book ever. Because the little girl is like me and the little boy is so cute.

Duchess Orchid Starlight 19.07.2018

Great for repetition

Anonymous 15.07.2018

I really like this story and the pictures.

Constable Dragon Postage-Stamp 13.02.2018

This book is very adventurous

Anonymous 12.02.2018

i love the repitition.i would recommend this to children who love bears and adventures and family time.

Anonymous 13.12.2017

I liked the way the problem was solved in this book

Anonymous 08.10.2017

You will never go on a bear hunt again

Anonymous 17.09.2017

I loves this book. I have read it a few times. My favourite bit was when they ran back home.

Anonymous 14.09.2017

Catchy story

Anonymous 10.09.2017

Really enjoyed this one as it also encourage children to actually roll play it out and really get within the actual story.

Anonymous 07.09.2017

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