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The Legend of Kevin: A Roly-Poly Flying Pony Adventure

Philip Reeve, Sarah McIntyre


  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills
  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery

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5 out 5

Kevin the flying pony blows in on a magical storm and - DOOF! - crashes into the balcony outside Max's flat. As the storm waters rise and the town is besieged with creatures, Max and Kevin set about putting things right. With Max's quick thinking and a constant supply of biscuits for Kevin, there's nothing this heroic duo can't achieve!


Kevin was a flying pony and he liked to eat grass, apples and biscuits (only not in that order). There was a big storm in the mythical woods and Kevin flew and bumped into the flat of Tom. The next morning, there was a flood and everyone was saved by Kevin and Tom and was back safely in Tom's flat. The next morning, the flood was gone but there was still some mermaids and the starfishes were sticking to things. Tom and his friends helped by peeling off the starfishes and the mermaids liked Tom's mum's salon that his mum let them have it. I don't remember if the boy's name was Max or Tom because I gave the book to the library again. I will recommend his to someone else.

Dona Boadicea Bungalow 13.01.2020

My favourite characters are the Sea Monkeys because they were very silly and stupid creatures! I would recommend this book to people who like magic, flying ponies and flood adventures!

Baroness Gloriana Hoverboard 05.01.2020

I liked some of it. It`s about a pony called Kevin and a boy called Max.One Terrible storm Kevin got picked up by the storm and hit Max`s flat and Max gave him some Biscuits to eat(he likes custard creams.) I like Kevin because he can fly. The bit that interested me was the flood after the storm. I would recommend book to girls.

Astronaut Merlin Spaceship 03.01.2020

Amazing book would recommend it for any ages

Anonymous 26.12.2019

if you like funny things pick it

Don Bruno Stegosaurus 19.12.2019

The fat flying pony is hilarious. He loves custard creams and pink wafers just like me! I loved the naughty sea monkeys too!

Corporal Dobbin Bumblebee 19.12.2019

I liked the pony

Anonymous 01.09.2019

fiction. Kevin is funny. My favourite part was when Kevin came back and made his nest on the roof and never had to go away again. I would recommend this book to all comedy lovers.

General Viper Starlight 22.08.2019

this is a fiction book. and I really enjoyed it my favourite character was Kevin because he was very brave kind and cute loving animal I will like the way the story changes and the adventure a the happy ending was unusual but were happy.

Princess Rose Yo-yo 18.08.2019

I recommend this book to children.

Don Octopus Racoon 12.08.2019

my fave person was Kevin and i love custard creams too

Viscountess Tuesday Racoon 03.08.2019

Sad but a nice book

Senor River Bubble-wrap 31.07.2019

I liked Max who was a boy who always dreamt of having a pet. I would recommend this book to someone else although it is a bit sad at the end.

Anonymous 29.07.2019

The guy with the glasses is named Max and he rides a fat flying pony and gets his new best friend and the fat flying pony is named Kevin and he's my favourite character.[P.S]Kevin loves biscuits.

Professor Hercules Nuggets 01.01.2019

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