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Steve, Terror of the Seas

Megan Brewis

Average rating

4 out 5

Steve is not very big. His teeth aren't very sharp. And though he's no angelfish, there are far scarier creatures in the sea. So why is everyone so frightened of Steve?


It is good book informative on fishes and sea animals. I would recommend it to others

Anonymous 14.12.2019

Steve finally had a friend after scaring everyone away !

Baron Virgil Frozen-Peas 31.08.2019

The surprise at the end is good.

Fairy Aphrodite Quest 22.08.2019

I liked it because there was a twist at the end and I learnt some facts about pilot fish. The blob fish was funny looking too.

Anonymous 27.07.2018

Very funny story, a book you have to read twice to get the joke! Yes, Recommended.

King Virgil Bobble-hat 15.07.2018

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