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Ella on the Outside

Cath Howe


  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

Average rating

5 out 5

Ella is the new girl at school. She doesn't know anyone and she doesn't have any friends. And she has a terrible secret. Ella can't believe her luck when Lydia, the most popular girl in school, decides to be her new best friend - but what does Lydia really want?


I thought this was a amazing book and full of friendships and lies and payback.i liked Ella the best, she made a big mistake but after she made everything better at the end.i would recommend it to someone who likes adventures and and friendships. This book was very emotional.

Anonymous 07.01.2019

I really liked this book because it has lots of secrets and adventures round every corner. Ella is my favourite character because all she wants is to help people like Molly, who ends up being her new best friend. Ella has a secret that she doesn't want to tell anyone but when you find out what her secret Is then you will be so surprised!

Principal Candyfloss Gormenghast 21.12.2018

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