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Science Experiments at Home: Discover the science in everyday life

Susan Martineau, Vicky Barker

Science Experiments at Home: Discover the science in everyday life


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4 out 5

17 reviews

Explore the science in everyday life with these simple, step-by-step experiments to do around the home. Each activity takes a complex, scientific concept and makes it easy for kids to understand. Young scientists will enjoy discovering the science behind the simple phenomena all around them.



I tried many of the experiments at home and loved it!

Esquire Pluto Yo-yo 29.08.2023


I loved the experiments

Count Slip Fascination 22.08.2023


Amazing interesting book!

Captain Aardvark Hungry-Hippo 05.08.2023


Loved it extremely well written and experiments were great definitely try it you will definitely like it

Earl Race-car Biscuits 11.09.2022


Some of the experiments are fun but not all of them!

Sergeant Snoopy Spaghetti-Hoops 21.08.2022


I loved doing these experiments

Doctor Bunny Squirrel 20.08.2022


Great fun to do with my mum and sister!

Prince Pug Vampire 13.08.2022


I tried some of the experiments and it was really fun.

Anonymous 08.08.2022


This is a non-fiction book.I like it because it has soo many experiments and I did some of them at home.

Count Cornetto Cuckoo-Clock 06.08.2022


There's this skittle experiment

Officer Pansy Peanut-butter 04.08.2022


I like the book because I like science experiments and the ones I tried were really fun. Also, with one of the experiments I added extra ingredients to see what happened.

Dona Lacey Armchair 03.08.2022


Good advice for kids like me and also good experiments I borrowed this book from the library and I did an experiment with my mum and I had to get oil and soap in a bowl of water the final result was pretty cool there are fun things for family’s to do the reason I gave this book a 4 star was because it isn’t a independent book you have to get your parents But they could be busy but the book is still good probably recommend to 9-13? It is a pretty good book.

Marshal Wanda Sherbet 31.07.2022


It interested me because you can do some fun experiments. Yes I would recommend it to my friends.

Captain Peanuts Bobble-hat 31.07.2022


It's an interesting book that tells you what science experiments you can do whilst sitting at home.

Prince Flash Endeavour 30.07.2022


I wanna try!

Duchess Petunia Foxtail 29.07.2022


I found this book fairly fun because you can do science experiments at home. My favourite one is creating a rainbow with kitchen roll.

Queen Candyfloss Sparrow 06.07.2022


I liked getting my notepad and pen and seeing what i could find around my house like they did in the book

Prince Pirate Bucket 05.09.2021

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