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Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama!

Rachel Renee Russell

Average rating

5 out 5

Nikki and her friends Brandon, Chloe, and Zoey are up for another adventure in the thirteenth book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series.


I liked this book because there was a lot of drama and it was still funny.

Madam Hopscotch Anteater 01.09.2019

This book was so funny. Nikki was going to plan a birthday party, but then she cancelled it because her mum said her friends were going to do belly dancing and it was disgusting for her and her friends. Her little sister, Brianna, started a business her sister and her parents were proud of her, so then Nikki had an idea, she could use Brianna's money and she let her. Nikki was so happy she told her friends the party is not cancelled anymore, so her BFFs and her went to the shops and to the party aisle and brought everything they needed.

Fairy Jewel Skateboard 29.08.2019

I laughed so much it was vary dramatic

Mademoiselle Petunia Armadillo 28.08.2019

This book was slightly boring so I gave it a three. But I would like to be Nikki because she has a little sister and a puppy!

Marshal Fifi Pawprint 24.08.2019

My favourite character is Brandon and I wish I could jump into the book and meet him he’s such a nice guy and I love how Brianna stole Lola the dog and cream puff the cat and was selling doggy snacks for five dollars each

Viscountess June Vegas 24.08.2019

I loved it! Just when Nikki thinks her birthday will be horrible, things turn around for her! In the end her birthday party seems to be a blast but soon her number 1 enemy, Mackenzie, brings trouble...

Nurse Blueberry Bookmark 23.08.2019

Great ! Niki's party was going to be a disaster, she dousn't have enough money to even rent a swimming pool ! But Brianas great treat Nikki makes 500 pounds and the Party is amazing!

Doctor Fandango Rollercoaster 18.08.2019

This is fiction, it has got lots of funny birthday problems solved with Nikki, Chloe and Zoe’s friendship. :)

Fairy Fandango Tyrannosaurus 16.08.2019

I am a massive fan of dork diaries and have read my selection over and over again so if you are a dork in a stressful birthday dramarama then nikki is your girl

Marshal Tulip Gravy 12.08.2019

This is a great book it is so funny I like the part when Nikki is so mAd at her sister and then she gives her money and them she like ohh OK this is a great book !

Fairy Petronella Jellybaby 10.08.2019

I liked it when her invitations got sent out accidentally and she had to plan the party. She needed to get $200

Anonymous 09.08.2019

In this book you have Nikki and her little sister Brianna who has a new passion for cooking and Nikki and her parents hate it. It comes to Nikki's birthday and she didn't have enough money for the party she and her best friends have planned so she has to cancel but her friend dad accidentally posted the letters and her sister Brianna passion came through and helped them pay for the party and they had cash left over so she could get a bike because her parents couldn't afford it in the beginning so she got a new bike and she had all of her friendships still intact

Dame Blueberry Rollercoaster 08.08.2019

Relatable and amazing!

Dona Bernice Frankenstein 07.08.2019

I love all the books of dork diaries. Nikki is the best. I wish i had a birthday like Nikki's. She had a very big birthday drama. She had invited 100 friends even her frenemies.

Anonymous 07.08.2019

I thought this book was AMAZING it was so dramatic and I loved how Nikki had to try and solve all her problems. I loved both chef bri bri (Brianna) and Nikki because Nikki need a lot of money to pay for her big birthday party she starts her little sisters business where she tricks people into spending all there money on things that aren't even supposed to be eaten by humans.I would definitely recommend it to someone else.

Professor Heroica Anteater 29.07.2019

This book was fun and easy to read. The illustrations were great and I think teenagers especially girls will be able to relate to the plot of thus book. Not being able to pay for your big blowout party. Although this book is entertaining I would not recommend it to serious reader that are looking for a book to last them for a few weeks because I finished this book in a day. I would however recommend this book to fans of diary of a wimpy kid.

Principal Boadicea Chocolate-mousse 25.07.2019

I loved this book as it was hilarious and contained a lot of drama. My favourite characters were Chloe and Zoey as they helped Nikki when she was having rough times and I thought their friendship against Nikki was really sweet. I would recommend this book to people who like reading dairy books and to people who read the Dork Dairies series.

Captain July Heronimus 24.07.2019

I love this book as it was hilarious and contained a lot of drama. My favourite characters were Chloe and Zoey as they helped Nikki when she was having rough times and I thought their friendship against Nikki was really sweet. i

Captain July Heronimus 24.07.2019

It was really funny. I think that all ages can read this and it encourages girls to write diaries and write all of their feelings down. I really recommend this book as it is funny and full of drama.

Viscountess Fifi Mittens 19.07.2019

A group of friends had a party but then it was cancelled twice before they finally had it at the end of the book. I liked the main character, Nikki, because she was a nice friend. I would definitely recommend the book to other people.

Principal Daisy Endeavour 16.07.2019

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