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The Long-Lost Secret Diary of the World's Worst Astronaut

Tim Collins, Sarah Horne


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5 out 5


i loved it, it was full of space trainees and they were amazing and so was the new astronaut i thought it was one of the best space books in the world

Superintendent Flash Piccalilli 18.07.2019

I would definitely recommend this book to others. People who don't rate this book 5/5 must be crazy. (PS:I might use the word accidentally a lot) This book is about a girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut. One day, she went to the space center in USA and sneaked past the guards into the hangar where the rockets were kept. One of the guards asked her why she was there? She told them that she was the youngest astronaut ever and came here to check on the rockets. She was then interviewed by the press reporters which went viral. She went on astronauts training and eventually went on the mission to Mars. This story is set in a few years in the future. It is an interesting read which has lots of facts even though its a fiction book. I liked the main character of this book, who according to author was the "world's best astronaut". I think it was named because she had no previous experience or knowledge whatsoever about being an astronaut. She kept on vomiting in the training center. This was particularly interesting to me because I like to read and know about space and the moon exploration. I like the famous quote by Neil Armstrong, "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" which has been used by the main character of this book upon landing on the surface of mars.

Coach Natty Gormenghast 13.07.2019

It is interesting that this book is set in the future not the past or present. It is also cool how they visit Mars.

Don Switch Waxwork 30.08.2018

I liked this book because I LOVE space and the moon and the stars and the night! I didn't like the part when the girl has to go in the machines and they make her feel dizzy and sick! I thought that a mischief maker who like space would like this book. I dated it 3/5 because I didn't like the dizzy part and when she gets into trouble. I recommend this book to 6-11 year olds.

Empress Viper Moonbeam 09.08.2018

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