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Beware the Mighty Bitey

Heather Pindar, Susan Batori

Average rating

4 out 5


I think it's a good book. It is perfect.

Queen Iggy Racoon 17.11.2019

It was funny a lot with the piranhas getting eaten

Principal Bubbles Bungalow 16.08.2019

was a bit scared of the mighty bitey at first but it was a funny ending

Coach Catapult Vegas 15.08.2019

I liked it when they fell in at the end

Major Jiminy Ketchup 05.01.2019

I liked it when they aet the fish

Superintendent Slip Quagmire 13.08.2018

it was funny and I liked it when the bridge broke.

Princess Petunia Vesuvius 11.08.2018

I like bear because the bear was funny. He was very fat, he had a tuba and there were piranhas in a river. There was a bridge over the river. Bear and his friends goat and mouse were walking over the bridge when the piranhas cut the rope. They were about to fall and a butterfly came and cut the other rope. They all fell in the water. Piranhas went straight in the Bear's tuba and the goat's drum and mouse's guitar. I recommend this book.

Director Cynthia Satellite 06.08.2018


Anonymous 17.07.2018

I liked this book. I thought it was really funny. I think that the end is a little bit scary but I liked books that are funny and scary. There is a great twist at the end. I think all my friends would like this book and anyone who liked short stories with great pictures in. I really liked the pictures. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened in the end and I was really surprised and excited by the end. This is a great book to share and read together at bed time. Darcy age 8

Anonymous 18.06.2018

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