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Beware the Mighty Bitey

Heather Pindar, Susan Batori

Beware the Mighty Bitey


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4 out 5

25 reviews



Bit of a silly story and like the Billy goats story.

Countess Bunny Elephant 04.09.2023


I like that the story made us believe that the mighty bitey fishes will eat the animals till the very end. It was a surprise!

Esquire Pluto Yo-yo 15.08.2023


I think my favourite bit was when the bear, mouse and goat almost got eaten but they ate the Mitey Bitey instead.

Superintendent Horatio O’Doughnut 15.08.2023


My favourite character was the mighty bitey's because I love books about fish. My best bit of the book was when the Mighty biteys tried to eat the bear, mouse and goat but they eat them instead.

Ambassador Pirate Racoon 09.08.2023

Star Reviewer

Star Reviewer


There was a great twist at the end and it was very funny.

General Arthur Stegosaurus 07.08.2023


i like this book

Inspector Crocodile Sheep-Dip 03.01.2023


I thought it was funny when the bridge snapped

Ambassador Zeus Hungry-Hippo 21.08.2022


This is a fictional book U would recommend this book because it is a really good and enjoyable book and I would definitely read this book again

Captain Hank Bonsai 03.08.2022


It is funny.

Marshal Horatio Astronomical 31.07.2022


I like the moment when all animals fell into water. It was very funny.

Empress Cilla Sherbet 27.07.2022


I liked it when the animals fell in the water and when the fish got eaten at the end!

Sir Hercules Banana 24.07.2022


A super interesting book for me because I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I really enjoyed reading this book I would recommend it for 5-7 year olds to read.

Count Rip Remmington 30.10.2021


Had us on the edge of our seat but the end was a big surprise and just what we hoped for!

Professor Dragon Casserole 30.08.2021


This book is great becase it is about piranhas

Esquire Portobello Tinkle 13.08.2020


I liked it when the chief mighty bitey said “here comes lunch” and when the animals had the piranhas for tea.

General Catapult Pennyfarthing 06.08.2020


I liked it when the bear ate the piranhas when they flipped up out of the water and landed in the drums. I liked it when the piranha had his napkin on and was holding his knife and fork

Coach Cilla Banana 06.08.2020


I think it's a good book. It is perfect.

Queen Iggy Racoon 17.11.2019


It was funny a lot with the piranhas getting eaten

Principal Bubbles Bungalow 16.08.2019


was a bit scared of the mighty bitey at first but it was a funny ending

Baron Rip Quest 15.08.2019


I liked it when they fell in at the end

Major Jiminy Ketchup 05.01.2019

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