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Matt Millz

Harry Hill, Steve May

Matt Millz


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Open with your best gag. Finish with your second best. Make sure your face matches the material. Sell your routine . . . Matt Millz LOVES stand up comedy. He's studied the best. He's memorized all the advice. He spends hours writing new gags and thinking up crazy sketches . . . So when the school run a talent contest, of course he's going to enter. What he doesn't count on is: Last minute total meltdown His best mate pulling out zero seconds before going on Teeny tiny Kitty Hope and her own bonkers ambitions His stepdad's own 'funny' ideas And headmaster, Meredith Pavey, who very definitely has it in for him. Comedy gold from a comedy genius.



It was a good book

Queen Birthday-cake Teabag 25.06.2024


I found this book extremely funny; I was laughing out loud at times. The funniest character was Rob but also Matt of course. As soon as I finished I wanted to start the next book in the series.

Corporal Dragon Buffalo 30.08.2023


I like how Kitty Hope is so short!!!

Anonymous 28.08.2022


This book is about a 12 year old comedian but he has gone through talent shows and drama at school but later wins the T factor. it was non fiction and i liked Kitty best because she stood up for what she thought this interested me because i listen to harry hill on the tv all the timeand this book was writen by him this would interest anyone who likes comedy.

Professor Candyfloss Buffalo 21.08.2022


very funny good book for anyone who was to become a stand up comic

Professor Petunia Bouncy-castle 12.08.2022


I found this book very funny and enjoyable to read. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes comedy.

Madam Viper Spinner 01.08.2022


Awesome I love the storyline can’t wait to read the sequel.

DJ Gator Peanut-butter 18.02.2022


I chose this book because I really like Harry Hill and I like watching him on You've Been Framed and Junior Bake Off. I think that this book is funny. The book is all about a boy called Matt Millz who really wants to be a stand up comedian when he's old enough. At first Matt started to tell simple jokes but quickly moved onto even funnier ones. The school was throwing a talent show that Matt really wanted to enter into so he entered him and his best friend Rob. Unfortunately Matt was disqualified because he told too many jokes about his headmaster! I really liked Matt because he was a funny character however I also liked his friend Kitty Hope because when Rob turned out to be hopeless she stepped in to to take his place. I would recommend this book if you like comedy and funny jokes!

Fairy Boadicea Lanzarote 31.08.2021


I enjoyed reading about Matt Mills and his best friends and managers trying to find gigs. It had very funny jokes which took a while to get but when you do understand them there are some hilarious ones. If I had to pick a favourite character it would probably be Madga because she is always helping people and she gave matt the worlds funniest hairstyles . It is a very good book and I would recommend it to someone else.

Anonymous 09.08.2021


Very funny book, amazing characters. This book is awesome!

Prince Burp Owl 29.07.2021


This book was really funny!!!

Dame Bunny Squirrel 22.07.2021


Top comedy

Doctor Neptune Pumpernickel 21.09.2020


I liked it, and it ends too soon. I wanted more! He ended up meeting his favourite comedian.

Senor Bart Jellybaby 16.09.2020


Hilarious! Harry really knows how to make me laugh!!!

Professor Marge Legend 27.08.2020


This one was good.

Commander Bruno Ridiculous 27.08.2020



Master Burp Possum 16.08.2020


I liked the jokes and characters.

Sir Portobello Wellington 07.08.2020


Classic! What is tall, skinny and red all over? Harry Hill with sunburn!

Major Snoopy Legend 26.06.2020


i would recomend this book to anyone who likes comedy. it is about a boy who wants to be a stand up comedian with his friend.

Dame Harmonica Vampire 19.07.2019


This book was good but it could do with a couple more jokes. I would recommend it for 8 years and older

Anonymous 07.08.2018

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