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Iguana Boy Saves the World With a Triple Cheese Pizza: Book 1

James Bishop, Rikin Parekh

Iguana Boy Saves the World With a Triple Cheese Pizza: Book 1


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

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5 out 5

51 reviews

One boy. One disappointing superpower. Can Dylan tame a bunch of hyper iguanas and come up with a masterful plan to save the WORLD? Yeah, probably ... but he's going to need a MASSIVE cheese pizza. Perfect for fans of Tom Gates, Future Ratboy and My Brother is a Superhero.



It was fictional and my favorite character was crazy red eye Paul, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes animals and superheroes.

Madam Pixie Windchime 31.08.2023


I was a book about somone becoming super hero and says that you should always be kind and helpful

King Chesney Piccalilli 21.08.2023


It was an enticing fiction book. My favourite characters were the Pauls and Pauline as they were always having fun and cracking up jokes.

Master Cello Borneo 17.08.2023


fabulaus, amazing, spectacular, enchanting.

Major Slide Pipistrel 07.08.2023



Anonymous 29.07.2023


Really funny that he could talk to iguanas

Captain Angel Sunshine 09.09.2022



Earl Viktor Elephant 01.09.2022


it was very funny. yes i would recommend this to someone-else because it is intresting and funny

Anonymous 12.08.2022


I love this book its not factual but it is funny My favourite part was when the platypus got stuck in cheese from the pizza. I would recommend the book

Constable Geronimo Racoon 11.08.2022


I thought it was a very dramatic but funny book. I would recommend it to people who believe superheroes.

Quest-seeker Mistral Wellington 09.08.2022


It was very funny and silly I recommend it to 8 year olds.

Corporal Octopus Yo-yo 03.08.2022


I think it was great very funny and imaginative

General Crocodile Pinkerton 29.07.2022


It is such a funny book so I would really recommend it.It was funny when they saved the trapped superheroes with a triple cheese pizza.

Don Pongo Bobble-hat 20.07.2022


Funny & good

Professor Geronimo Sequins 13.09.2021


Would recommend, its a good book. Its about a superhero.

Master Mars Chocolate-mousse 25.08.2021


Really liked this book because Iguana boy and his iguana saved the day by hiding in the pizza box! It was a really funny book - the funniest funny in the world!

Viscount Neptune Manatee 21.08.2021


This book is about a boy who really wants to have a superpower and then ends up being able to talk to iguanas. He does not think this is a good superpower - he wanted to be able to do something like turn invisible or fly! I really enjoyed it and I just found out there's another book in the series so I am going to try and find it.

Constable Burp Partridge 19.08.2021



Major Burp Peanut-butter 18.08.2021


I loved it! Very exiting and a good read for "Blind Date with A Book". My favourite character was Dylan, the Iguana Boy, as he never given up even after his siblings are bulying him. Good recommendation for people who like superheroes.

Anonymous 17.08.2021



Anonymous 16.08.2021

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