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Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Scientists

Adam Murphy, Lisa Murphy,


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Average rating

5 out 5

Adam Murphy interviews the dead famous scientists who changed the world - getting their stories straight from the corpses' mouths! Reading Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Scientists is like having history injected into your brain! It guarantees laughs, surprises, and a whole host of the most astonishing achievements you'll ever discover. Don't miss out on the biggest thing to hit history since Horrible Histories!


This book interested me because it taught me about people who did things that changed the world and made our lives so simple. I like the way it's set out because not all non fiction books are laid out like a comic. I would recommend it to everyone who likes humour and science.

Marshal Babs Bungalow 25.07.2019

I enjoyed this book because it feels like a time machine taking you back to the past. It teaches you about the things people did in the past, and is very humorous. I'd recommend this book to everyone who enjoys science, because it teaches you things you didn't know before.

Anonymous 25.07.2019

It was really good

Sergeant Gator Lavalamp 05.06.2019

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