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Do You Speak Chocolate?: Perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson

Cas Lester

Do You Speak Chocolate?: Perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson


  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

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5 out 5

49 reviews

But i just knew.' Jaz has found the best way to make friends with new girl Nadima, who doesn't speak any English - by offering her a chocolate bar. Nadima grins and offers back some Turkish Delight, the ice is broken, and a special friendship begins ...



I liked the book very much. My favourite character was Jaz she tried to make friends with Nadima who can't speak english.It interested me because there is no such language chocolate. I would recommend this book to someone.

Nurse Mistral Astronomical 08.01.2024


I really liked this book.I liked the character Nadima best. I would recommend this book.

Captain Candyfloss Armchair 03.12.2023


I would recommend this fiction book as it is about true friendship and how even if you upset someone you can always be forgiven and become friends again.

Fairy Bijou Squirrel 03.08.2023


I really liked what happened as there were a few arguments but they always worked it out after.

Anonymous 21.07.2023


This book was amazing! It was heart-warming and really touching! I loved the friendship between Nadima and Jaz and how they always tried to be there for each other. This story was really good and I would recommend!

Queen Honeycomb Pinkerton 17.01.2023


It is very heart-warming. I like the big brothers. I would highly recommend this to others.

General Cupcake Teacup 10.09.2022


It was about friendship and those are my favorite type

Officer Kiki Paperclip 16.08.2022


I liked this book because of the strong friendship between Nadima and Jaz. They were friends from the moment Jaz saw Nadima and since then showed a strong friendship till the end although some things made it hard for Nadima to trust Jaz. My favourite character was Jaz because she was a person who was dyslexic but knew it wouldn’t stop her from doing the things she wanted to do like communicating to a girl who doesn’t speak much English and being a successful businesswoman . I would recommend this to my friends. This might be my favourite book so far.

General Kangaroo Sofa 12.08.2022


It was an amazing book about friendship, laughter, and lots of chocolate! Love the 'Chocolate Turkish Delight' recipe, by the way.

Duchess Honeycomb Starlight 07.08.2022


I liked the book as it explained how people who have evacuated their country would feel. My favourite character is Nadima as she has an interesting story. I would recommend this book to people age 7-13

Empress Rapunzel Sofa 22.07.2022


I thought it will teach me how to speak chocolate, but it didn't. I like Jaz. I'm not sure if I recommend it to someone else.

Princess Jet Bouncy-castle 22.07.2022


I thought it will teach me how to speak chocolate, but it didn't. I like Jaz. I'm not sure if I recommend it to someone else.

Dona Jet Mildew 16.07.2022


I really loved it. I like Nadima because she is quite cheeky and kind even though she does not understand much. I also like Lily because she seems really sweet and caring towards everyone, even people that she might not understand or like. I would recommend it to 5+.

Captain Nectarine Bumblebee 21.06.2022


I liked this book

Anonymous 01.09.2021


Giving each other chocolate and turkish delight helps them become friends!

Duchess Pinky Postage-Stamp 01.09.2021


I really like how this book was a diary but some parts of this book were upsetting. There was a refugee who got upset a lot and she made me upset. I liked the bit when they won the maths challenge. It’s a good book but makes you really think.

Coach Hopscotch Rollercoaster 31.08.2021


I think this is my favourite book because it's about Jaz who meets the new girl Nadima at school. At first, Nad doesn't know how to speak English but soon, she even starts correcting Jaz! I really recommend this awesome book for 9-13+.

Senorita July Archer 20.08.2021


Interesting on every page. My favourite character was Nadima. I recommend the book.

Captain Honeycomb Bluebird 19.08.2021



Queen Cynthia Squirrel 08.08.2021


A bit to cliff hanger and tense for me

Madam Peaches Sunshine 05.08.2021

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