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Go Mo Go: Monster Mountain Chase!: Book 1

Mo Farah, Kes Gray, Marta Kissi


  • Sporty Stories - games, goals and gold medals
  • Fantasy Worlds - awesome adventures of magic and mystery
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after

Average rating

4 out 5

A fun fiction series to get kids reading, and running too! From Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah and the bestselling author of Oi Frog!, Kes Gray.


This book was crazy! I like that the friends ran all over and saw lots of nature. I also liked reading about all the creatures that chased the friends.

Ambassador Slip Bottlenose 05.07.2020

Lots of enthusiasum gives me joy

Anonymous 28.08.2019

I loved it because it gave me an example of my school

Anonymous 28.08.2019

I liked it when they had to run away from the strange animals.

Viscount Flash Waxwork 16.08.2019

It was fabulous so I recommend someone else read it. I like it because the children throw the sandwiches over their shoulder.

Anonymous 01.08.2019

Superb book!

Prince Sandwich Desperado 24.07.2019

What a book. I love Mo Farah

Anonymous 24.07.2019

I liked it

Chief Slip Moonlight 20.01.2019

Great book

Professor Hank Borchester-Smythe 18.10.2018

I loved this book because it is written by Mo Farah who is a famous runner and also my hero.

Senor Quincy Pineapple 30.07.2018

I liked when the monster was chasing Mo and his friends. They were fast runners. I would recommend the book as I found it exciting.

Judge Cornetto Bobble-hat 25.07.2018

This book is about Little Mo and his 4 friends having a long cross country run.They go to the rocky mountains and see many animals .They see a giant foot. This book was interesting and enjoyable.

Anonymous 21.08.2017

lots of monsters

Anonymous 20.08.2017

It was an interesting read. And I like Mo Farah.

Anonymous 16.08.2017

I liked that the 5 friends went on the adventure to get to the rocky mountains together.

Anonymous 11.08.2017

I liked that the 5 friends went on the adventure to get to the rocky mountains together.

Anonymous 11.08.2017

Its funny an adventure story and its a really good book

Anonymous 11.08.2017

Because Mo farah is a runner, it is intresting because they go on adventures and they have to run for there lifes.

Anonymous 09.08.2017

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