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Overheard in a Tower Block: Poems by

Joseph Coelho, Kate Milner


  • Poetry - rhyme, rhythm and rap

Average rating

5 out 5

Award-winning poet Joseph Coelho's astonishing new collection is a powerful and moving poetic narrative about growing up in the city.


I enjoy reading poems they make a nice change from stories

Constable Augustus Starlight 01.08.2019

first of all, some of the poems made me sad. the poet wrote about a boy who was sad about his dad leaving. i liked three of them. i liked one about him staying with his grandad.and the grandad made a very colourfull candle made up of other candles like a 9 candle that woud go on a birthday cake. the other was about kicking rocks on a each called eastbourne. the other was about the boy swinging a dog by his tail and got bitten. i have no idea what he was thinking. anyways, i would recommend this book to others but not people who are sad.

Professor Rip Bookmark 11.08.2018

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