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Edward and the Great Discovery

Rebecca McRitchie, Celeste Hulme

Average rating

5 out 5

Edward descends from a long line of distinguished archaeologists but he has never discovered anything. Then one rainy night he stumbles upon what could be his first great discovery. A wonderful picture story book with key themes of extinct animals, discovery and friendship which explores the world of science and history.


i liked when Edward discovered that the egg was a dodo

Professor Orchid Satellite 08.09.2018

good one

Don Portobello Spinner 07.08.2018

I loved this book. I liked the dodo.

Count Horatio Luther 27.07.2018

I liked the illustrations and how easy a read it is. also, it is really nice that Edward thought the bird was broken, and the plot is good for younger readers. I would recommend it to children aged 3 to 5

Count Rapper Pipistrel 22.06.2018

This is a really good book for younger readers, and is very entertaining. It keeps you guessing as to what will be in the egg, and the illustrations are lovely. I would think it would be suited to readers aged 3 to 6.

General Honeycomb Jamboree 22.06.2018

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