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Knighthood for Beginners

Elys Dolan (, Cambridge, UK)

Knighthood for Beginners


  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair

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25 reviews

Brilliant new young fiction from comedy genius, Elys Dolan, creator of Steven Seagull, Weasels, and Nuts in Space. High in the mountains are the Dragon Caves, and inside the deepest, darkest dragon cave, lives the most terrible dragon. And his name is Dave. Dave's terrible (as in rubbish) at all dragony things. So when he finds a book called Knighthood for Beginners he decides to learn how to be a knight instead. Dave sets out on a quest with his trusty steed, Albrecht the goat (all the best horses were taken), to be brave, chivalrous, and knightly in all ways. He'll be up against Sir Gnasty, who scoffs at the idea of a very small, strangely green knight and has an absolutely massive sword. Hilarious fiction for young readers and fans of dragons, knights, and quests!



Funny very funny

Countess Sapphire Hammersmith 22.08.2023


My favourite character is Dave because he’s is brilliant in solving problems. Sometimes he is scared to do something but he pushes himself to do it.I would recommend this book because it’s really interesting and fascinating.

Anonymous 19.08.2023


I like it because there is a dragon called Dave who wants to be a knight. And the King really likes him. But Gnasty the knight doesn't like him and this evil knight wants to be king. He puts the King in prison and Dave saves the King. I enjoyed reading this book because it is action packed. The illustrations are good too, I recommend this book for 8 to 10 year olds.

Inspector Carnaby Owl 03.09.2022


Dave the dragon was the best character.

Count Leach Lavalamp 17.08.2022


Its funny and shows that no matter what or who you are you can be whatever you want to do

Director Fandango Endeavour 03.08.2022


I absolutely loved this book as its characters and their actions make you ache with laughter. I liked Dave the dinosaur the best as his dream to become a knight makes you think about this crazy idea. I would definitely reccomend tis book.

General Pablo Quest 20.07.2022


This book was good because it had pictures on each page and pictures help me read so yeah

Doctor Kiki Menace 19.07.2022


it was so funny; everybody who likes funny books try this.

Marshal Ice-T Remmington 14.07.2022


This was a wonderful book about a cute little dragon that didn't know how to be a terrifying dragon so became a knight instead. I think this was a good thing for him because he managed to like being a knight and was really good at it. Especially with his good friend Alretch! My favorite character is Dave - the dragon I would recomend this to a classmate of mine who LOVES dragons.

Empress Diamond Frankfurter 19.08.2021


When I signet up for the reading challenge we choose a ready made bag in the library. I had to choose the selection for younger readers as I have some learning difficulties. Back to the Library today for some more books.

Mademoiselle Bernice Vampire 30.07.2021


I like the character Dave.

Anonymous 25.07.2021


Dave the dragon, terrible at most things and desperately wants to be a knight. He finds a book, Knighthood for beginners. It is an easy to use, step-by-step guide. He gets a trusty steed, a smelly German speaking goat called Albrecht. Together, with the help of the book, they begin their adventure. They meet many interesting characters, for example, Boil Man, Mildred the Bearded Lady, Rubella the Princes, Sir Gnasty and Carbuncle Guy. Its a fun book to read with adventuress that sometimes get Dave and Albrecht into trouble. I would recommend reading this book.

Anonymous 13.07.2021


This was so funny I read it really quickly. Dave was very, very , very cute - I would like to know him in real life! Highly recommend!

Anonymous 25.08.2020


A very funny book.

Major Octopus Mozzarella 21.07.2020


its a really good book about a dragon that doesn't want to eat villages or sow he want's to be a knight.

Senor Cornetto Shortbread 09.01.2020


Dave the dragon is funny

Inspector Aardvark Bertrand 12.08.2019


it was ok

Earl Pluto Supermarket 20.07.2019


This is probably one of the best books in the world! I absolutely love it!

Anonymous 21.08.2017


I like this book which is about a baby dragon who goes on an amazing adventure

Anonymous 02.08.2017


This book is really funny and adventurous.Who knew dragons liked knitting.

Anonymous 30.07.2017

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