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Llama United

Scott Allen


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  • Sporty Stories - games, goals and gold medals

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5 out 5

The beautiful game is about to get hairy!


It was borig at first, but then it got exciting

Anonymous 12.04.2019


Don Slip Satellite 26.07.2018

I think, if you are looking for an unbelievable story, and you like a bit of footy, this might be the perfect book for you. My favourite character is Cairo, because I think he is the funniest character in the book, Tim would come second.

Doctor Honeycomb Colly-Wobbles 26.07.2018

I really liked llama united with all the football & stuff.

Doctor Bunny Spaceship 20.07.2018

best ever

Anonymous 17.08.2017

Llama United = 100% awesome! Llama United is such a funny book about 11 Llama's with an impossible dream to win the football cup to save their manager's farm. It is full of drama, friendship, adventure and football! I totally recommend it.

Anonymous 13.08.2017

Great for people who love football

Anonymous 09.08.2017

Funny and great for people who like football. GO LLAMA UNITED!!!!!

Anonymous 09.08.2017

Funny and great for people who love football.GO LLAMA UNITED!!!!

Anonymous 09.08.2017

this book was interesting

Anonymous 27.07.2017

It's not all about winning and that shows it a book that they lose eventually...

Anonymous 18.07.2017

Best for boys who love football :) Great read!

Anonymous 27.06.2017

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