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Space Ace

Eric Brown, Tony Ross


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4 out 5

A fun, fast-paced story filled with facts about the solar system, and the perfect celebration of grandparents and grandchildren. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers aged 7+


After grand fathers spaceship gets malfunctioned, billy and his granddad goes around the solar system and learns about other planets. It had a lot of facts about planets. I loved the fact that the author chose to express facts as a story

Baroness Aphrodite Teacup 03.11.2019

I liked this book because I am a space lover and it’s all about space which is obvious from its name “Space Ace”. A boy named Billy goes to space with his wonderful Grandfather but then the old spacecraft malfunctions which leads to the expedition. The orbit around every single planet present in the system. They found many interesting facts about different elements of the solar system. The main two characters that play the soul part are Billy and his Granddad . My favourite character is the grandad. He is an emotional person. The author has given a very brief and short review about all the planets.

Anonymous 03.11.2019

This book was about a boy who's grandfather invited him around his house to see his rocket he got working. They were only supposed to go to the moon and then the rocket went wrong, a hologram appeared and he said they are going to be visiting different planets for the whole weekend. My favourite character was the grandfather because he was adventurous. I found this book interesting as it spoke about different planets.

Anonymous 03.09.2019

I like astronomy and the title caught my attention. I like the way a story was mixed with teaching about space.

Countess Iggy Waterfall 31.08.2019

i like the billy because he was alwals asking questons. I recommend this book. because they went out to space.

Ambassador Slip Casserole 15.08.2019

It has lots of space facts. It is a good book to read. If you study space you should read this book.

Esquire Chesney Wellington 11.08.2019

Billy can't wait to take a trip around Earth with Grandad. But Grandad's old spaceship malfunctions and soon the two are zooming off on a tour of the entire solar system.

Explorer Trigger Hammersmith 03.08.2019

Superb book. Loved it when my dad read to me.

Prince Sandwich Desperado 25.07.2019

It's very interesting to read and I love it Hope you enjoy reading this book! X

Anonymous 28.07.2017

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