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National Trust: Ned the Nature Nut's Nutty Nature Facts and Jokes

Andy Seed, Sarah Horne


  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts
  • Funny Stuff - rib ticklers to make you fall off your chair
  • Facts & Information - lists, stats and plenty of facts

Average rating

4 out 5

This nutty, nature joke book is full of side-splittingly hilarious jokes and fascinating facts based on nature. Full of green-fingered giggles and wildlife witticisms, as well as incredible facts about nature, Ned the Nature Nut will turn you into a nature nut too!


I like the jokes in the book

Fairy Birthday-cake Racoon 24.06.2019

Amazing jokes and facts

Officer Marge Chocolate-mousse 14.06.2019

I would totally recommend this book to someone else because it is very funny and intereting.

Professor Venus Supermarket 27.08.2018

Outstanding book very funny

Anonymous 19.08.2018

brilliant! But some jokes were boring. facts were good

Ambassador Portobello Colly-Wobbles 09.08.2018

The jokes were really funny, and I learnt lots from the facts, but there needed to be more writing. I liked tha it was all about nature, and I liked the squirrel who made funny comments throughout the book. The fact about a pike was really interesting.

Inspector Snoopy Hungry-Hippo 20.07.2018

Very nice

Anonymous 22.01.2018

It's very funny and interesting ,so please read it.

Anonymous 21.01.2018

I liked this book because so much of interesting, funny and silly jokes and facts. The author has a great mind to think about it. He's truly a genius. There are some true facts too. So exciting to read the upcoming books too. This book is so interesting to read. Funny jokes to laugh out loud. I think you could even put some more funny jokes to read. I prefer to make more books like these.

Anonymous 04.11.2017

I love it very much. It is very natural!

Anonymous 22.08.2017

Some of the jokes in this book are hard to understand but some are funny like- How do seagulls communicate with each other over long distances? They use sqauky talkies! :)

Anonymous 18.08.2017

For people who love jokes

Anonymous 17.08.2017

Funny and quite helpful if your into nature!

Anonymous 16.08.2017

this book is full of amusing jokes to tell friends who love nature and awesome facts not many people know.

Anonymous 16.08.2017

this book is fun-filled with amazing jokes and interesting facts

Anonymous 14.08.2017

This book is a joke book and it's really funny it also gives you wears but true facts!

Anonymous 11.08.2017

The jokes in this book were really bad, but some were (3)funny!The facts were interesting,though.

Anonymous 11.08.2017

The jokes are very funny

Anonymous 08.08.2017

The farty fact was the funniest

Anonymous 07.08.2017

i didn't really enjoy this book because some jokes were confusing and some (5)were hilarious!

Anonymous 03.08.2017

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