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Letters from the Lighthouse

Emma Carroll


  • History Time - blasts from the past
  • Friends & Family - tears and laughter, and happy ever after
  • Action Adventures - chills, thrills and plenty of spills

Average rating

4 out 5

After months of bombing raids in London, twelve-year-old Olive Bradshaw and her little brother Cliff are evacuated to the Devon coast. Desperate to be helpful, Olive becomes his post-girl, carrying secret messages (as she likes to think of the letters) to the villagers.


I didn't find it very good near to beginning but rest of the book was alright

Anonymous 08.10.2017

Star_reviewer_star Star Reviewer

I thought that it was a great book with many different amazing characters. I thought that there was always something exciting going on so I never wanted to stop reading. The book was factual, what interested me was hard it must have been to be a german refugee. I would definitely recommend it to children aged 9 to 11.

Director Nectarine Humdinger 26.08.2019

This was gripping and a thrilling read.

Fairy Peaches Humdinger 04.08.2019

My favorite character in this book was Sukie because she was very brave and thoughtful. She took over her mom's job just to let her rest. Even when she got lost in France, she didn't panic.

Viscountess Iguana Paddington 30.07.2019

This book is full of mystery and adventure with an unexpected ending.

Nurse Bernice Snivel 09.07.2019

The first thing that catches your eye is the date on the blurb. February 1941. And then the the quote from the book: We weren't supposed to be going to the pictures that night... not when German bombs had been falling like pennies from a jar. If you look at the title, it says letters from the lighthouse, and the picture shows letters flying around and two children and a cute dog below it. One is Cliff; another is his older sister Olive. Pixie is the dog. Pixie doesn't belong to Olvie and Cliff, but in the book it will tell you why they know the dog. Basically, the book drips in mystery. Did I say drip? I meant drenched. Literally, a lot of lines tend to be clues that the book explains later on, and I didn't even think of those lines at all! But the best types types of mystery books are books that have clues dotted around the book; all you have to do is piece them all together. My favourite character is Esther, who is an enemy of Olive's at first sight, but then they become best friends. Esther has such a hard life and she is still really fierce and feisty. I would totally recommend it to mystery lovers and people who like books. It's a bit boring at the start, but then the epiphany hits you full in the face and you become happy. Btw, it's a happy ending!!!

Princess Beryl Bungalow 20.01.2019

I thought it was a very interesting book because it goes back in time to 1941 during the war.I enjoyed reading it because i like reading books about during the war which are diary entries because i like to know about the past and i think it is a brilliant book to read.

Baroness Bernice Mouse 17.08.2018

This is my all time favourite book! Wow! I loved it! My favourite person is Queenie, because she is strong and compassionate! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery novels! Overall, I loved it and would definitely read it again!

Fairy Phoenix Bacon-slicer 15.08.2018

A bewitching story, I would have never guessed the ending!

Constable Pirate Palm-tree 02.08.2018

This book was amazing. I read it as part of the Book Awards short list, which it went on to win. The book has everything from edge-of-your-seat moments to sad reality. Letters form the Lighthouse is set during WW2 and the blitz. Two evacuees are sent to a small village in Devon, once there Olive and her brother launch a search for their sister Sukie who went missing during a bombing. I loved this book and will definitely read it again

Nurse Iguana Jellybaby 31.07.2018

I liked this book because it is very mysterious and has a great storyline. this book kept me hooked until the very end. i liked the fact that it is linked to ww2 and the description and characters were fantastic!! emma carroll is very good, check out other books by her too. if you like mysteries that keep you guessing, this is for you. :)

Captain Fifi Satellite 21.07.2018

i would definately recommend this book because it such a grippy book as soon as you pick it up you just get stuck into it

Viscountess Bernice Biscuits 25.06.2018

This is a great book set in the world war time and I really like her style of writing. All of you readers out there need to try this excellent book because it is very good!=-O :-P ;-) B-)

Anonymous 03.06.2018

Very good if you like books for older children

Anonymous 19.02.2018

This was a brilliant book

Anonymous 04.09.2017

I think that you should really read this book as it is very interesting and easy to understand and get into .This book will be the one for History lovers .It is first set in war torn London but moves to the coast of Devon. I could not put this book down ,you will probably not be able to either.

Anonymous 02.09.2017

This is an amazing book set in the second world war. This book makes you think about how people were treated in German occupied countries. It is sad but also heart-moving.

Anonymous 02.09.2017

I do not agree this book was good i did read the hole of the book but i decided never again! I read the back and it sounded good but i didn't enjoy a bit of it so i rated this book 1 OUT OF 5

Anonymous 31.08.2017

I think you should read this book because you can learn about what it was like as a child in World War 2. I enjoyed the code element and how Olive and her brother tried to crack it. This book has made me want to read more books on the war theme.

Anonymous 23.08.2017

One of my favorite books, I would highly recommend this book.

Anonymous 23.08.2017

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