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Early Reader: Mercy and the Hippo

Lauren St. John, Nila Aye


  • Animal Tales - bundles of fur, fluff and fun

Average rating

4 out 5

A charming full colour red Early Reader from BLUE PETER BOOK AWARD-winning author, Lauren St John.


So nice and rich

Anonymous 06.10.2019

It was sad because a hippo was running out of water.

Sergeant Hercules Teacup 15.08.2019

This book teaches young children to respect animals of different countries and as a lot of us know Africa is one of the most poor countries on earth

Director Angora Peanut-butter 22.07.2019

this book tells you about are world and about pollution and people throughing junk in the water and animals dieing

Director Ariel Bouncy-castle 20.07.2019

Because mercy helped Hippo but villagers laughed at her

Doctor Angel Moonbeam 19.07.2019

It was sad.

Prince Sandwich Teabag 07.08.2018


Anonymous 27.03.2018

Mercy helped Clara and Clara helped Mercy.The story tells that if we are kind to nature , nature will be kind to us.

Anonymous 22.11.2017

I thought this was a great reading book. I really enjoyed it. I learnt about the importance of water for animals and plants to be able to live.

Anonymous 05.11.2017

This book had a chain of friendship with an animal and friendship is really important for children

Anonymous 29.10.2017

I like this book so much. and I like drawing's in this book.

Anonymous 29.10.2017

I loved it!

Anonymous 07.09.2017

I like Mercy and the hippo because it teaches children to not be cruel to animals. And if you treat animals respectfully good things will happen to you.

Anonymous 04.09.2017

i think this book is better for little kids. it is kind of short for me. But it is nice and I like it. I give it 4 stars

Anonymous 01.09.2017

its about a girl who was kind to nature.

Anonymous 24.08.2017

It tells you to look after animals and be nice to them. It was really good.

Anonymous 22.08.2017

sis loved it

Anonymous 21.08.2017

Mercy and her little brother Zane went to the well and brought two buckets of water for Clara the hippo and one bucket for them. One day the villagers took all of Clara's water. Then the next day there was a storm and the villagers said Clara got washed away.

Anonymous 20.08.2017

It was a bit sad.

Anonymous 17.08.2017

I liked this book because the brother and the sister persevere to get the water to the hippo, so it saves its life, and now he is happy. I gave it two stars because it is too young for a six year old and would be much better for a four year old.

Anonymous 16.08.2017

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